12 Household Chores You Only Need to Do Once a Year

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With plenty of chores on my “To-Do” lists, there are some of them that are not on my “Want-To-Do” list. I sometimes end up putting them off and later feel guilty about it. But I realized some of these chores on my to-do list don’t always need to be done repetitively and I am only creating extra work for myself.

You might have your own to-do lists with chores that don’t always need to be done over and over again. There are some chores you only need to do once per year actually! This saves so much more time to do other things I do need tackle on my to-do list. I decided it was best to spread these once a year list of chores throughout year. It won’t make me feel as overwhelmed either!

Let’s check out these 12 household chores you only need to do once a year.

1. Documents and Files

As much as we are moving towards a paperless society, there are still a great deal of papers that we collect throughout the year. If you haven’t been quite as organized as you planned on being, now is the time to get organized. You can use file folders or expandable files to keep items together. Be sure to shred unnecessary papers with personal information and discard any other papers you don’t need.

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2. Linen Closet

Empty out your linen closet and give it a deep clean. Be sure to vacuum any dust and reline any shelves if needed.

You’ll want to look at each item to make sure it’s something you want to keep. Donate any unused linens and toss the ones with tatters. You might want to even wash the linens before putting them back into the closet.

3. Kitchen Cabinets, Drawers, and Pantry

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Clean out the kitchen, including cabinets, drawers, and the pantry. You can start by taking a section at a time and empty them completely. Wipe down the shelves and reline them if needed.

You want to take a look at the items you have in the cabinets, drawers, and pantry. Are there items expired? Are there items you no longer use? Maybe there are some random items placed into the kitchen that don’t belong.

When handling any food items, be sure to toss out any out-of-date items. Now is also a good time to restock any supplies you need.

4. Get Behind Appliances

Move the fridge, stove, and laundry machines away from the walls. Do a thorough cleaning by vacuum the fridge coils, cleaning the dryer vents, and wiping all the rear surfaces with a lightly dampened dust cloth. You can then give the floor a good sweep and clean.

5. Deep Clean the Oven

If you use your oven constantly, you might need to do this several times a year, but an occasional baker can do this chore annually.

Check out How to Deep Clean Your Oven.

6. Carpet and Upholstered Furniture

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The perfect time to get your carpet and upholstery deep cleaned is before the cold season or when summer begins since everyone will be outdoor more. Cleaning the carpet and upholstered furniture will remove dirt, pollen, and any pet dander.

You can either do it yourself by renting a cleaning machine or calling in a professional.

7. Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor furniture can be cleaned once a year as well. The best time to clean your outdoor furniture is early spring before you bring it out from storage. If you have a patio umbrella, make sure you give that a clean as well!

8. House Gutters

Clogged gutters can cause problems by creating moisture damage to eaves, roofs, and interior leaks. The best time to clean the gutters is after all the leaves have fallen in Fall. If you have a lot of pine and evergreen trees nearby, they will shed their needles year-round, so you might have to clean out your gutters more often.

9. Curtains, Drapes, and Shades

Curtains, drapes, and Custom Motorized Shades attract airborne dust and should only be cleaned once a year.

When cleaning the drapes, check the panels for care instructions. It’s also a good time to dust the rods. Curtains most likely will always be able to be machine-washed but check the care label to make sure. Avoid high heat in the dryer and remove while slightly damp to iron or rehang.

To remove dust from shades, you can use your upholstery attachment on your vacuum. Go over all the surfaces and then use a microfiber duster or cloth to wipe down side of the shades. If you do have horizontal shades, they may need to be dusted more frequently, sometimes monthly.

10. Brighten Up the Windows

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The best time to clean your windows is when the weather starts getting nicer, such as the springtime. It’s a good time to do it on a cloudy day to clean as sunlight can cause the cleanser to streak. Use a vinegar-based cleaning solution to clean the panes that will make them sparkle.

11. Wash Walls and Touch Up Paint

Your walls can get dirty as well by collecting all sorts of dirty molecules. Plus, if you have little ones there are sure to be all sorts of germs on the walls with their hands constantly touching them.

To get started, run the vacuum cleaner brush attachment over the walls. Pay attention to molding and baseboards. Next use a cloth and gentle cleaning spray to remove any smudges and fingerprints. If you notice any chips or scratches, cover them up with dab of leftover paint.

12. Organize the Garage

Pick a time during the year to clear out and clean up your garage. Sell, donate, or trash the clutter. Organize all the tools and toys you plan to keep. Give the floor a good clean with a heavy-duty broom or mop when everything else is in place.

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What are some household chores you do yearly? Share below in the comments with us! We’d love to hear what you have to say!

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