Things You Absolutely Need At Your Next Party 2019

There are so many types of parties—Housewarming party, dinner party, prom party, and graduation party among others. They all mark something in our lives; therefore some fun is essential to making the event all fun.

However, different parties come with different requirements depending on their demands. But whether it’s a stranger themed party, Olympics viewing party or a celebration of any other kind, there are things which cut across them all. This article rounds up 7 things you absolutely need to ensure a successful celebration.

1. Pre-Planned Playlist And Good Speakers

Unless it’s a viewing party, a celebration won’t taste good without some stylish music. Some parties may require a particular type of music. For example, a wedding celebration party will definitely feature love songs, songs praising the two lovebirds etc.

I mean a good music selection is an essential or every party. Ensure you have a playlist with a touch of your own, and also tracks that really impress your friends and quests.

This is not all, get some good speakers with good sound output to make the music top notch. There are tons of great loud standing floor speakers you can get online. They may not be the best option for outdoor events with harsh conditions, but floor-standing speakers are the bedrock of any serious sound system and the benefits speak for themselves, the models available are truly capable so why not commit to an audio upgrade armed with our buyers guide advice as reported by audio experts on MusicCritic. Remember, you do not necessarily have to get the loudest one, but one where it doesn’t sound distorted or just plain rubbish. You won’t want to play good music that’s not well heard; you’d rather borrow a good speaker from a friend or a relative to make sure your celebration is full of fun.

2. Signature Beverage

When you’re organizing a party, a drink is as important as food! Think about beverages that make all of your guests satisfied. Some people don’t drink beer, so try to avail drink according to people’s preferences, so none feels out of place. Remember that some of your guests will be driving, and will require some soft drinks and water.

The point here is to have a signature beverage that not only quenches your guests’ thirst but also adds a personal touch to your event, order your next late night alcohol delivery London through Booze Up and make a beverage that will leave your guests asking for the next round of party.

3. Adjustable Temperature

Everybody likes partying especially due to fun and relaxation that comes with it. This may draw crowds to your venue. This means if you don’t have a properly working air conditioner, your party may be less fun.

In fact, no one wants to be confined inside a too chilly, or too hot room. If you don’t want your party to be ruined by temperature changes, then avail adjustable temperature gadgets that will make your guests enjoy the day regardless of crazy temperatures.

4. Plenty of Décor Based On party Theme

Décor determines the impression of your party. The impression is what makes the memories of your party last long in the minds of your guests. That’s why you should not relent in the decoration part of party planning.

A photo booth is a must have if you care for your guests. Although some people don’t really enjoy using props and looking hilariously ridiculous, majority love photos and will end up posting about your party on their social media pages. Add balloons and other fun ideas that resonate with your theme, and that will make your guests fell thrilled.

5. Have a Designated Activity

If you want to add a little extra dimension to your party, consider having an activity for all attendants. At least make your guests active in something, and don’t forget also to make the activity breathtaking. For instance, pumpkin-carving goes well with a Halloween party or hopping into the pool at your next BBQ. Break your event into sections of fun activity.

6. Have a Goodie Bag

If you want to appreciate your guests with some favors, you can put together a cute baggie of nice chocolates, jewelry or some other goodies as a take-home gift.  This makes your attendees leave with a smile, and that means they will harbor lasting memories of your event.

While it is a way of offering thanks for helping to make your day great, a personalized memento for each guest will really make your party one to remember forever. In case your guest list is long, no one forces you to break the bank just to fill a goodie bag. In such instances, go for a raffle that makes a few guests win your prizes.

7. Lite Bites

If no food, it is not a party but a meeting. This doesn’t mean you should serve full-course meals. No, only two dips, a light sandwich platter, or a dessert.  In celebrations, people rarely keep lining up for food but rather stay busy mingling and dancing.

That said, ensure that you at least throw a bite, or your guests become angry with hunger pangs. Most importantly, a Stranger Things Party theme, for instance, goes well with strange times tableware, such as strange times lunch napkins among others. You can put a napkin over each party plate for a sophisticated party look.


There you go; some of the things you need for a great party in 2019. With the above elements, your guest will not only have lots of fun, but you’ll be calmer realizing that everything in your party is taken care of and guests are in for great fun.  

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