How to Store and Organize Your Seasonal Clothing

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When the season starts to change that’s when our wardrobe changes as well. The warm clothing, such as sweaters, coats, gloves, and hats are all thrown into the nearest storage bin or tossed in some out of the way place within our closets and drawers. Leaving it there until the very next time we need it.

But what if next time you go there and where you thought you put your costs, gloves, and hats are not there? You might be thinking to yourself you should have stored your clothing you didn’t need any more for the season away in a safe place.

I think we all have been there!

It takes little effort to really pack our seasonal clothing away. It also makes a big difference when it’s time to unpack for the new season. Check out these 7 tips that can help store and organize your seasonal clothing.

Clean All Your Clothing Thoroughly Before Packing

Before packing away all your clothing, you want to clean all your outfits thoroughly. Leaving stains on your clothing now will only darken them and make them worse while they settle deep into the clothing material. Most of your clothing just needs to e normal washed or dry cleaned according to the instructions. It takes little time to wash your laundry, so do it before you pack away your clothes.

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Use the Right Storage Containers

Plastic storage bins are going to be the best storage containers to help keep your clothing nice and organized. You can use cardboard boxes to store items temporarily. However, there are a couple things to keep in mind:

  • Use new clean boxes to avoid staining and insects
  • Use an unused suitcase that has been cleaned thoroughly
  • Line containers with acid-free tissue

Don’t Hang It All

It might be tempting to keep your clothing hang, but this can often be damaging to your clothing. Your good sweater can be stretch beyond repair. Instead, fold the items and place them into a storage container. Stock folded items from heaviest items to the bottom and the lightest on the top. Stack loosely to allow airflow.

Protect Your Clothing.

Your clothing needs 4 ingredients in order to be protected while stored: Clean, Cool, Dark, and Dry.

Clean the area before storing. Choose a place that is likely not to be exposed to heat, but is kept cool. A dark place will prevent fading and keep the area cool. Finally, make sure the storage area is dry as this will avoid mildew and insects from being attracted.

Check on Your Clothing

It’s always a good idea to check your items to make sure there are no issues. When it’s time to get your seasonal clothing from storage, make sure you check them out. Clean all the items before wearing them. Inspect the storage containers and area to make sure they are free from cracks, stains, and damage. Be sure to replace storage containers if needed.

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