Easily Turn Those Loose Coins into Cash

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Do you every have loose change lying around? You probably find coins rolling around in your car, piled up on your nightstand, and weighing down your pockets. The coins are everywhere!

You might start to think you have too many of them to use as change. But you don’t want to lose out on money you can get from turning in your coins and getting some cash! The extra coins laying around can add up and help you in many ways, such as saving money for a rainy day.

Roll Up Those Coins

Most banks will no longer count your coins for you and give you the equivalent amount of money or deposit the cash into your accounts unless you roll the coins first. It can be a tedious task, but it’s worth it.

You can check out your local bank to see if they will provide you with coin wrappers. If you are an account holder, you can ask for as many as you need.

Rolling up coins can be down pretty much anywhere. You can lay your coins out on a table and roll the while you are watching TV or doing another activity.

There are also machines that can do the quick sorting for you, but there is a cost. The typical price ranges from $10 to $50. However, if you have a lot of coins then it might be worth your while to use a sorter.

Try a Credit Union

You can visit a local credit union that might still maintain a sorting machine used by the bank. Members are typically free to use the coin sorting machines. If you are a member, give your local branch to see if they have a free to use machine. They may also be able to direct you to a coin sorting machine if they do not have one.

Use the Coins

It might take some time and to sort them in an organizational system to use all your coins, you can spend them over time. For instance, you can use them for purchasing your morning coffee run. You can also use them for car tolls and vending machine purchases.

If you use a self-checkout station, then you can stand there for long as you want and load the coins into the payment slots to pay for your items. Be sure to bring a few pockets full of coins each time you go shopping and putting those coins to use.

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