Easily Cut Your Grocery Bill in Half

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When going to the grocery store, I was always scared what the total of my bill would be when at the checkout. Having a large family, five kids who are always hungry, felt like my bank account would be hanging by a small thread. However, I found some ways to easily save money while grocery shopping.

Learning to save money on food is one of the many essentials I think every mom should learn. There are so many resources and tips out there that you can simply incorporate into your own grocery shopping. Grocery shopping definitely doesn’t have to leave you feeling broke.

Check out these tips to cut your grocery shopping bill in half!

Shop at More Than One Store

Buying everything at one store might be a time saver, but it is not a money saver. Drop this habit immediately and check out other local grocery stores to see if they have deals on items you are needing to purchase. You might save yourself a ton when shopping at several stores.

Eat Seasonally

Food items are their best price and taste when they are bought in season. Begin to familiarize yourself with what grows in your area during the current season. You can load up on the fresh farm deals from your local farmers market as well! Eating seasonally can also be a fun and cheap way for your family to try and eat something new you never knew you might have liked.

Remember: Most fruits and vegetables will freeze well, so buy a little extra and stick them in the freezer for later!

Shop Less

Make a habit to not visit the grocery stores unless necessary. It will mean less temptation to buy unnecessary items. Plan your meals weekly or monthly in advance. You can then easily get everything in one trip.

Stick to Your Grocery List

Don’t go into the grocery store blindly. Make a plan by making a grocery list. Stick to it! You are sure to save more if you only buy what you need.

Start Couponing

Get in the habit of checking your local grocery stores for their coupon deals that week. You can find a lot of great deals most of the time and plan your meal plan for that week easily too!

Check out The Best Places to Get Printable Grocery Coupons!

Buy Food in Their Cheapest Form

There is a handful of different types of foods you can buy that is cheaper in their form than in a can. For instance, dried beans are cheaper than canned. A head of lettuce is also cheaper than bagged.


Do you see a good deal on something you buy regularly? Buy several and store them away in your home. It’s another simple way to avoid paying the full price.

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