Do I Need A Plumber Or Drain Contractor?

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At first, the answer to this question may seem obvious. However, it will depend on what situation you find yourself in; there is a difference between their roles; but also an overlap.

Before you even consider which one to call, you need to make sure that you have the number of a good Sydney plumber; this will ensure you can get the help you need when you need it. You could also consider swapping out your old faucets for new faucet stems as an option to maintain your plumbing system.

The Role Of A Plumber

A plumber will install your water fittings. It doesn’t matter if you want a new mains pipe, a whole house water filter, or a new bathroom fitted. If you hire plumbing services they have the skills and the tools to ensure the job is done properly.

Some of these jobs you may feel like tackling yourself. However, having a water leak is a serious issue. It can cost you a lot of extra money on your water bill or it can even cause a flood in your home; creating a huge amount of damage.

It doesn’t matter if the additional plumbing needs are outside or inside, a plumber is the right person to call.

Plumbers also deal with wastewater; they can’t install a toilet or a bath without connecting the waste to something! This is one of the most common issues in the home.

The first sign of an issue will be a blocked drain. The plumber will be called to deal with this as the blockage is probably in your internal pipes. They will use a drain snake, plunger, and other tools; to try and clear the blockage. They can even take sections of your plumbing apart to find the blockage and eliminate it.

They are also the right person to call if you have a damaged pipe or water connection.

What A Drain Contractor Does

The drain contractor is someone that installs and maintains the drains on your home. This is the outside plumbing, usually bigger pipes, that take your waste from your home to the mains drains.

You may notice an issue with the outside drains if the water starts to come up out of a drain or sewage appears to be collecting in your yard; a sign of a damaged pipe.

In these instances, the pipes are still on your land and your responsibility; you’ll need to contact a drain cleaning  service instead of a plumber.

There is also a crossover. If you have a blocked drain in your home then the plumber will inspect the pipes and try to resolve the issue, you might need drain cleaning.

However, this blockage can be thanks to an issue in the drains that is causing the water, and sewage, to back up into your home. For me, this is not a pleasant situation and a plumber near me could probably take care of it.

While a plumber may have a look at the outside drains for you; this is not their area of expertise. You’ll need to get a drain contractor to resolve the issue. They’ll use cameras and other specialist tools to locate the issue and get rid of it.

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  1. I love how you supplied both simplified and more in-depth differences between plumbers and drain contractors. Since the problems at home that I am concerned with deals with leaks, I now know that a plumber would be the one I need to call. The water tank of my toilet seems to be leaking but I can’t seem to find where the water is coming from and it’s starting to concern me that it might affect my water bill soon.

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