9 Ways to Make Your Marriage Stronger

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The beginning of a marriage is a wonderful and exciting time. I remember being head over heels for my husband when we first got married. We just could not get enough of each other. We went on dates weekly. We did every activity together.

However, as time passed, our newlywed phase passed.

We began to face the ups and downs within our marriage. There would be times where the excitement slowed down and disappeared. At times we felt disconnected from each other and the love we committed to for the rest of our life was not there. Our communication became lost eventually too, creating more downs than ups.

The new chapter of our life together did not seem bright after a time. But we made a commitment together and learned to overcome the hardships that any marriage can face. We learned we had to be a team and to remind ourselves why we fell in love and made a commitment together in front of all our family and friends.

Today I want to share with you 9 things that have helped me make my marriage stronger. These tips have helped my husband I overcome the downs within our marriage. We grew together and built a stronger marriage with the help of these tips.

#1 Listen

As tempting as it was to tune out my husband when we faced hardships, it was imperative for me to listen to my husband and hear what he had to say. There was always something to learn from him or how to overcome a hardship we were facing.

Listening to your spouse in general is important. Even when life gets super busy you need to make the time to pay attention to what your partner is saying. It can be about something simple, such as their day or something new that inspires and interests them. Listening to each other opens a way of communication and builds a stronger bond together.

#2 Talk

I’ve watched a lot of couples out in public sit in silence and look like they are never enjoying the company of their spouse. It breaks my heart whenever I saw that because the person who is your partner to me should be the person you have the best conversations with.

There is a lot that you and you partner can talk about. It can be about the current events happening. Sharing something about your hobbies. Try even talking about your common interests and passions. Anything to spark a conversation with your marriage partner with help build a stronger marriage.

#3 Make Time

Life can get busy and sometimes you might not realize how little time you are spending with each other. Try and try to schedule time together. There are many things you can do to spend time together. You can plan a date together or simply do an activity together in the house, such as washing dishes.

#4 Don’t Forget

Don’t forget any special occasions, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and other events that are meaningful to you as a couple. These dates are important and a good way to remind each other how special your relationship is, such as remembering and celebrating your anniversary together.

#5 Be Honest

Honesty is always the best policy. As soon as you start telling lies in your marriage, you create a portal of distrust. It’s important to best truthful about important things that include your relationship, family, your whereabouts, and finances.

#6 Be a Helper

Work together to complete household chores or other things that need to get done around the house. This can be simply turning over the laundry, washing dishes, cleaning after yourself, or fixing something broken in the home. Working together and being helpful can make your household living easier and more time for you to focus on the important matters of your life.

#7 Be a Good Friend

Nurture your relationships together as you would with a friendship you value dearly.

#8 Argue with Respect

There will be times within your marriage when you and your partner disagree. It’s fine to have disagreements but learn how to argue respectfully. Do it without accusing, belittling, or condemning the other person’s values and opinions.

#9 Respect Your Extended Family

After you two become married, your family becomes his and vice versa. You might not like or approve of everything the extended family does and says, but showing respect can go a long way. If the extended family intrudes on your marriage or causes a problem between you and your partner, then you should discuss it together as a couple and find a common ground to be united at solving the problem.

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