6 Things to Make with Leftover Valentine’s Day Candy

Did your children get more candy than you thought they might get from their classroom parties at school and friends? You might have collected more chocolate and the thought of eating it feels like it will derail your resolutions of eating healthier. Are you in a sugar coma yet?

I love transforming my children’s Valentin’es Day candy and chocolate into something delicious every year. There are a ton of ways you can too! You can create delicious sweets out of these leftovers and send them off to family, friends, neighbors, coworkers. Maybe even take a bite yourself (no one says you can’t treat yourself once in a while).

Grab all of the leftover candies and chocolates and jump right in with some of these great leftover ideas!

Chocolate Covered Strawberries recipe from Delish

Melt your chocolate and dip them into delicious fresh strawberries.

16 Stuffed Cookies That Will Make You Swoon recipe from Buzzfeed

Check out these 16 ways you can bake delicious stuffed cookies with different chocolate candies.

Candy Heart Bark idea recipe from Delish

Make your very own bark with both leftover candy and chocolate.


Candy Bar Brownies recipe from Love from the Oven

These brownies are simple and full of chocolate!

Sea Salt & Chocolate Covered Almonds recipe from Traditional Cooking School

These are super crunchy and delicious. You can replace the dark chocolate with any type of chocolate you want!

Valentine’s Day Puppy Chow recipe from Life Love and Sugar

You’ll be chowing this sweet treat down in no time. Trust me, any puppy chow is addicting!

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