15 Power Boosting Snacks for Kids

It takes nutritious food to fuel our children into healthy beings. Nutritious foods also help the growth and development of our children both mentally and physically.

I’m always looking for ways to teach my children healthy habits, especially when it comes to eating clean and healthy meals and snacks. These days it’s easy to grab something and put it within our bodies that we have no idea how to pronounce the ingredients on the back of the bag. I want my children to be able to not only know how to live a healthy life-style, but also know that healthy meals and snacks can be equally delicious to those cookies in the jar!

To help keep the kids out of the cookie jar, try one of these healthy and tasty snacks.

Kid Friendly Veggie Dips recipe from Super Healthy Kids

Kids will love eating veggies with delicious dips.

Healthy Taco Popcorn recipe from Food Network

High in vitamin B12 with a delicious cheesy flavor.

2-Ingredient Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream recipe from Eating Well

No added sugar in this tasty ice cream.

Turkey and Cheese Roll-Ups recipe from Kristine’s Kitchen

A quick, easy and tasty option.

15 of the Best Kid-Friendly Smoothies recipe from My Fussy Eater

Choose one of these 15 healthy and delicious smoothies!

Yogurt Berry Parfait recipe from Whole Food Bellies

Kids can be creative and make their very own berry parfait combinations.

Healthy Cinnamon-Raisin Soft Pretzels recipe from Food Network

Sweet and salty healthy pretzels that have it all.

Kid Friendly Fruit Kabobs recipe from Beautifully Broken Journey

Use different combinations to make sweet fruit kabobs.

Chocolate-Peanut Butter Energy Bars recipe from Eating Well

Every square provides a hearty dose of protein and fiber.

GF Vegan Peanut Butter Rice Cake Stacks recipe from So Fab Food

Make for a perfect kid-friendly snack within minutes that is healthy, gluten-free, and vegan!

Peanut Butter Banana Energy Bites recipe from Pumpkin ‘n Spice

Packed with hearty oats, peanut butter, bananas, and just a sprinkle of chocolate. No baking required!


Peanut Butter Banana Toast recipe from Genius Kitchen

A satisfying peanut butter banana toast. Add cinnamon for an extra flavor.

English Muffin with Cheese and Apple Slices recipe from Eating Well

A sweet and cheesy low-crab snack ready within 5 minutes!

7 Healthy Trail Mix Recipes from Super Healthy Kids

Nuts contain great amount of essential nutrients, such as protein, fat, and fiber that will keep you fuller for a long time.

Frozen Orange Pops recipe from Food Network

Packed with vitamin C.

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