12 Easy Ways You Can Save Money When You Start Having a Family

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When you become a new parent, your way of thinking shifts. Expanding your family certainly requires you to think beyond just you and your partner now. This also means taking a look at your finances and ensuring you have the proper budgeting and saving strategies to care for your new family.

My family expanded to just three kids, but eventually over the years our family expanded to two more children. Learning to find the best ways to save and budget our finances was important. I wanted my children to be able to enjoy many things, such as activities and going on vacations when possible. I wanted to give them the best, but not where it would make our family worry about paying bills or if we had enough money in the bank for next week’s grocery shopping.

Check out these 12 easy ways you can save money when you start having a family.

1. Rely on Your Friends

If you have a mom with older kids, make an arrangement with them. every time their child grows out of one size of clothes, they can pass it on to you. If you can’t find that mom friend, but have kids close in age that are the same gender, don’t be afraid to use hand-me-downs!

2. Don’t Buy Newborn Clothes

As much as newborn sizes are tempting to buy for our new babies, we need to resist the urge to purchase them. Our babies will grow fast, and they will not be wearing them for long. Instead, buy clothes in sizes 9-12 months and beyond. If you are having a baby shower, your family and friends are also likely to buy your newborn clothes. You’ll be happy you purchased those clothes for when they grow bigger.

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3. Amazon Subscribe & Save

Sign up with Amazon Family. You can save 20 percent off diapers, wipes, and baby goods. It’s a saver and is delivered right to your door so you don’t need to worry about running to the store!

4. Facebook Groups

Join Facebook groups that can link you with your neighbors to exchange and gift items you no longer need. It can be clothes or other baby items you might need. There are bound to be local groups that will be selling items at lower prices but also still in good condition.

5. Daycare Prices

If you are looking to keep your children within daycare while you go off to work, it can add a financial burden to your money funds. Inquire with local daycare about sibling discounts or competitor pricing/discounts.

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6. Keep Tags on Gifts

Keeping all the tags on gifts or items is a good idea, especially after a baby shower. Open items up as you need them once the baby arrives. You can then decide what works for you and the baby. You can then return the unused items and buy other essentials for your baby.

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7. Get a Double Stroller

If you plan on having more than one child close in age, buy a double stroller. You won’t have to buy a second one down the road.

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8. Forget the Special Nursing Clothing

There are a lot of specialized items out there now for mothers and babies. One of these is nursing tank tops and shirts. Some moms have found that these items are very expensive and not liking the look of them as much as their normal clothing. Instead of purchasing nursing tank tops and shirts, you can buy stretchy tank tops and your regular shirt over the top. You can pull up the shirt and pull down the front of the tank to nurse your child.

9. Formula Samples

If you are using baby formula for your newborn, check your pediatrician office to see if they have any samples for you. They often do and this can be a huge savings for you.

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10. Make Your Own Baby Food

It’s no secret that making your own baby food is a huge money-save. It’s even considered healthier too! You can steam and puree the food first, such as sweet potatoes, squash, pears, and apples. Pour them into silicone ice cube trays, freeze them, and then pop them out. They are then ready to go!

11. Share a Room

If you are living within a small house or apartment, don’t feel like you need to expand your living arrangement so the baby can have their own bedroom. You can easily purchase a baby nook and place it within your bedroom. You’ll save money and then when the child grows older, around the age of 2, you can upgrade to a two-bedroom home or apartment.

12. Gender-Neutral Registry

When you have your first child, go with gender-neutral items. In case your children in the future are a different gender this can save a lot on clothing and other essentials for your number two.

What are some ways you have saved money when becoming a new parent or expanding your family? Share below in the comments with us!

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