Ways to Save Money on Your Energy Bills

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How much do you spend on your energy bills every year? Do you wish there was a simple way you could reduce them? You’ll be pleased to learn there are a number of things you can do that will lower your utility costs and you’ll be doing your bit for the future of the planet. The cost of both heating and powering your home is probably one of the biggest expenses and one of the easiest ways to save money is to look into swapping suppliers. Once you’ve found the cheapest supplier, there are things you can do to reduce your consumption and lower your bills even further.

1. Insulate Your Attic – did you appreciate that most of your home’s heat is lost through your attic? A number of homes don’t have sufficient insulation in the attic, and your home might be one of them. It is estimated that you can save as much as 20% on your heating and cooling bills by effectively insulating your home.

2. Check Your Thermostats – the manufacturers recommended setting is generally 140 degrees Fahrenheit but lowering it to 120 degrees is sufficient for your water heating needs.

3. Fix Any Leaks – check around your home for any leaks such as leaking faucets, pipes, and toilet. Also check for a leaking roof as this could result in costly damage as well as impacting on your energy bills.  

4. Turn Off Appliances – have you heard of phantom loads? This refers to the energy your appliances use when they’re turned off, but still plugged in. The usual suspects are TVs, DVD players, computers, stereos, and many kitchen appliances. Either unplug them when not in use or plug them into a power strip and remember to turn this off when not in use.

5. Wash Clothes on a Cold Cycle – modern fabrics don’t need to be washed on high temperatures and do you really make you clothes that dirty? 90% of the energy your washing machine uses goes to heating the water. Wash on a cold cycle, and you’ll slash your bill.  

6. Provide Shade – you’ll be able to reduce your air conditioning costs by closing curtains and blinds when the sun is shining on your home. Use tinted window film for further savings. Planting trees to shade your home will also help.

7. Swap for Renewable Energy – you might have to make a sizable investment if you want to use renewable energy, but you will be able to recoup a large chunk of the cost. You’ll also be lowering your energy bills. Going Solar is a company that can provide all the latest information for home solar systems that can save you a substantial amount of money over time.  

8. Switch to LEDs – do you still use incandescent light bulbs in your home? You’ll be able to reduce your lighting costs by as much as 90% if you switch to LED light bulbs.

9. Take Advantage of Off-Peak – do you know whether your energy supplier has off-peak rates, also known as time-of-use rates? These tend to be during the night, but what’s wrong with washing your laundry or running the dishwasher while you’re asleep?

10. Upgrade to Energy Star Appliances – if you’ve had your appliances for more than a decade it’s about time you swapped them for more energy efficient models. Look for the Energy Star labels as these use far less energy.

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