Steps You Can Take To Prepare Your Kids For College

If your kid is going to be off to college in the next year or so, there are some things that you can do to help them prepare for this time. Often, the hardest part of going to college is adjusting to life without the parent, and finding their own two feet. But, if you take some steps before they leave, this transition period is not going to be so hard on them. You might not know how you would go about preparing your child for their college adventure, but we do, and we are going to share some of them with you. By the time you have finished reading this article, you are going to have some sure-fire ways to prepare your kids for college, and trust us when we say, you are going to thank us for this later.

Get Them Completing Chores

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If all their lives, your children have not had to complete chores, they are going to find this difficult when they move into their dorm. One of the first things that you need to do is have your children completing chores before they move out of your home. Not only for adjustment reasons, but you also want to make sure that they are doing them correctly so when it comes time to do them without you, they are being completed properly. An example of this would be laundry. You need to ensure that your child knows how to correctly complete laundry and this includes washing, drying and folding. You might think that this is fairly obvious, but if they have never done it, the concept could be totally alien.

So, make sure they know to separate their colors from their whites to avoid pink clothes, and what can and can’t go in a tumble dryer. Have them complete their own laundry after you have explained all of this to them, so you can see if they really do know what they are doing, or if they need further guidance.

Further than laundry, your child also needs to be able to cook and clean for themselves. This one you can help them with by getting them to assist you when you do this. For example, when you are cooking a meal, call them to help you chop and cook. Show them what you are doing, and soon enough they will be able to make the same dishes that you can make. The same kind of technique applies for cleaning, and they will know what cleaners they need, and how to clean certain areas of their dorm.

Freedom To Do The Wrong Thing

You need to give your child the freedom to do the wrong thing. As a parent, there is nothing harder than watching your child fail or make a wrong choice, but you have to do this for them to learn. If you don’t, your child is never going to be able to handle it when they make a mistake. The best way to learn is by getting something wrong, and you have to allow your children the opportunity to do this. They need to learn that they are not always going to have you to make the choices for them, and ultimately take responsibility for their own choices.

Healthy Coping Techniques

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The next thing that you need to do is teach your kids some healthy coping techniques. This is going to come in handy with things such as anxiety or stress, and trust us when we say that there is a lot of this going on at college. You likely remember your own college days, and you should think back to how you used to cope. If you didn’t use the most healthy coping mechanisms in your time, there are plenty of guides online that you can look at to get some ideas. But, the one that we would highly recommend is yoga. Encourage your children to take up yoga before they move out, and they can do this with you. You will find it makes a great difference in terms of stress in your life, and they will be able to carry this on when they move out.

Yoga has been proved to be one of the most effective stress relievers, so when your child is stressing over an assignment that is due, they can take half an hour and relax with some yoga.

Or, you can teach them some simple breathing techniques that are also a great stress reliever. Breathing techniques will be able to be completed in public, which makes them ideal for those who have anxiety. You can’t exactly get your yoga mat out and start doing the cobra in the middle of the room. So, look up online the best breathing techniques to reduce stress, and take some time to teach your children how to complete them. It can be a real mental health saver.

Encourage Them To Go Further

You should be encouraging them to go as far as possible. It might be the case that your child has already been to college, and is going to be returning to complete further education. If this is the case, then you need to be encouraging this. But, your child may want to complete further study, but found college so difficult socially that they don’t want to return. If you find this, then you should be pushing them towards an online course. For example, if your child is interested in statistics, you could encourage them to take a masters in statistics online program by Michigan Tech where they will be learning all the same things that they would in a college classroom. This could be easier for your child to handle, and if you think that this would help, you should be encouraging them to take up this option.

Help Them To Find A Job

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Your kid is likely going to need a job while they study and this can be a lot to take on. Doing a full-time course while also making money can be mentally challenging, and finding a job is a stressful task in itself. As such, you should be helping your kid to find a job in a place where they are going to be attending college. As well as this, you should also be aiming to get them a job for when they are home, even if this is just odd jobs around your neighborhood. Any job is going to be a good job when you need money, and your kid is going to need this to pay their bills and buy food.

Save Some Money For Them

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Even if you have helped your child to get a job, you know that living is expensive. As such, aside from their tuition fees, you should be saving some extra money to give to your kid to help them get through life away from home. Obviously, we are not suggesting that you do this for their entire lives, we just think that you should do this while they are at college. This is not going to be possible for a lot of families, and we understand this. If this is the case for your family, we would say to you that any help is going to be a big help for your kid, and anything that you can spare would help them greatly.

We hope that you have found this advice helpful, and will take these steps for your kid’s college prep. It is one of the most exciting and scary times in your teen’s life when they leave to go to college, so if you follow this advice, you will be doing everything that you can to make it easier for them.

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