Moving Up The Career Ladder As A Working Mom

Working moms can often feel left behind in their careers, but it shouldn’t be that way. Maintaining the balance between work and family is a job in itself, so why shouldn’t you be rewarded for it by progressing in your career? Having a career that you are proud of is worth the hard work and will inspire your children too. Get help moving up the career ladder with the following tips.

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Set yourself some career goals

You’ll find a lot of career advice for modern moms out there, and one of the best things you can do to give you some direction to your career is to set some goals for yourself. Make your goals realistic and achievable to help you stay on track. You can even break your objectives down into smaller, more manageable goals to help you track your progress as you go.

Make the most of every working hour

Being productive at work can help you to achieve your full potential. It’s easy to get distracted by emails, workplace chatter, etc. but while you’re in the office, work to achieve as much as possible. Even if you’re only working part-time, you can benefit from productivity tips to help you make the most of every working hour and get noticed by your employer.

Study to boost your skills

To help give your resume a boost, you can undertake some further study. Finding the time to study when you’re already juggling motherhood and your career is tough, but there are flexible study options available to you to help you fit it in. Some employers might be willing to grant you some study leave and fund your education, or you could examine online courses to help you study in your own time. An online RN to BSN program is ideal for progressing your nursing career, or you could try a masters or postgraduate degree to help you add to your qualifications. Explore the different study options that are available to help you along the path to success.

Discuss development opportunities

Have you discussed your career ambitions with your employer? By doing so, you can set out your intentions and give your employer the opportunity to help you. They can provide training and shadowing opportunities while also detailing what you need to do to advance. If you work in a supportive environment then they’ll want to do what they can to help you, otherwise you might want to consider working elsewhere. Finding a mentor is another way to help you make strides in your career, so why not find a mentor who’s excelled as a working mother to give you the motivation and inspiration you need.

Whatever your ambitions for your career, you don’t have to choose between work and motherhood. There are plenty of inspiring women out there who are making strides in their jobs, and you could soon be joining them.

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