Keep a Tiny Kitchen Tidy with These 5 Tips

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It’s easy to just put everything “away” within your kitchen. But “away” can be a scary place when you start looking an item you are needing to cook dinner with that one busy weeknight.

It’s all too easy to wash a dish and throw it in a cabinet where it fits, but that’s not practical or a long-term way to live. Every item within your home should have a home too, and your kitchen essentials are no different either. No matter the size of your kitchen, there should be a place for everything!

There are four simple tips you should follow when it comes to organizing your kitchen to maximize your storage and make your life just a little bit easier.

1. Make a Home for Everything

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Start off by knowing where to properly store your pots, pans, dishes, and plastic containers within your home. It is a simple rule to follow and really is the easiest way to keep your kitchen organized. You can stack anything and everything without leaving an avalanche in your wake when you open the cabinet doors.

Plastic containers? Stack. Various size pots? Stack. Plastic cups and glasses? Stack.

2. Organize Your Fridge

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If your refrigerator isn’t organized properly, then you will want to tackle that project next. Check out these 16 Top Tips to Organize Your Refrigerator!

3. Know Yourself

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If you have a certain way you like things organize then follow them. Maybe you have a routine of having a cup of tea at night or coffee in the morning. Make sure you organize a drawer dedicated to your morning or nightly routines, such as having a dedicated spot for your tea bags and coffee beans. It makes it easier on yourself to indulge in your comforts when your favorite items have a place within your kitchen.

4. Organization Saves Time

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Keeping all your items within the kitchen organized saves you time. You don’t have to clean the dishes and organize your kitchen night after night. You don’t have to wake up to a dirty kitchen either. Knowing yourself and holding yourself accountable when it comes to cleaning and organization can keep your kitchen in check.

5. Tips for Those Small Spaces

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Limited in pantry space? Use a shallow cabinet with shelves that can serve as an additional pantry or dishware storage.

Use food products frequently? Keep them in clear, sealable jars on your counters. It will clear up space within your cabinets for pots and pans.

Have food items that are not resealable? Always keep a supply of clothespins or clips for bags. No one likes stale food!

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