How to Encourage Your Child to Do Better in School

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Figuring out how to motivate your child to do their homework and focus on their education can be tough. It’s not a matter based on your child’s ability to become a proud student, but a matter of not being able to connect with the methods being used in their classroom.

Don’t lose hope. You can find your child’s learning spot and see them doing better in school. Check out these few tips to help your child benefit from putting in the work at school.

Set Small Goals

Your child might be feeling overwhelmed and may need to focus on small steps in order to achieve their goals rather than the big result. One way to do this is to create a list of small goals that your child can check off as he or she completes them.

You can easily break down an assignment into a small list in order to complete it. For example, if your child is needing to write an essay break down the assignment by the following:

  • Researching the idea
  • Writing a rough draft
  • Editing the draft for the final draft

You can even divide up studying time too:

  • Sit down for 10 minutes to go over flash cards
  • Read books for 30 minutes

Listen to Your Child

Giving your child the college talk can be hard. While we parents, as adults, tend to think in the long-term. Students don’t always think that far ahead, but instead past the next school vacation. So, talking about something, such as college that can be a couple years away, is not always motivating.

Instead, share your own struggles with school so your child knows they are not alone. Take the time to listen to them and learn how they are having a hard time focusing. Create a plan together. Your child will appreciate your effort to help them and it will empower them.

Try a Different Learning Plan

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Forcing your child to sit down and do an assignment that is opposite of their learning style can be very frustrating for them. Instead of having them sit down at a table and read chapters from a workbook, tune into the way your child learns. You can consult with your child’s teachers for some advice and make a plan that highlight their learning abilities.

If your child is an auditory learner, record them reading the chapters aloud so he or she can listen to them later.

If your child is a visual learner, have him or her write down notes in different colored pens.

Acknowledge Your Child’s Accomplishments

Acknowledging your child’s effort and offering some praise when your child successfully tackles a task can really motivate them further in their academic life. You can focus on your child’s specific work he or she did to reach that goal and say, “I’m really proud that you practiced your math problems for an extra 15 minutes last night. Your work really paid off on that math test.” You can even praise your child with their favorite treat or letting them play with their toys for an extra 20 minutes.

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