Getting Your Family Organized This New Year

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New Year is a great time to make changes. We all like to make New Year resolutions, but how many do you actually stick to? Don’t waste your time on empty promises. Instead, here are some tips to help you take action and become more organized this year. There’s nothing in the list you won’t be able to handle and introducing these new habits is going to make such a difference to your life that there’ll be no going back.


The usual time for a declutter is in the fall or spring, however, what better time than the New Year to have a good clear out. Now that Christmas is over there are going to be a few more additions so take the opportunity to get rid of some of your older things. Sell them, recycle or re-purpose them, rather than throwing them in the trash.

Start a Cleaning Routine

Do you enjoy cleaning? Probably not, so why not get the whole family involved and start a cleaning routine? Sharing the tasks means they won’t all fall on your shoulders, and if there aren’t too many to do, cleaning can be rather relaxing.

Set Regular Goals

If you set yourself realistic goals, you’re more likely to succeed. Grand gestures or targets usually fail. If you want to give up drinking, then start by limiting yourself to a couple of glasses. If you want a cleaner home, then start one room at a time.

Start Using Your Calendar

This doesn’t mean you have to introduce a rigid schedule as this probably won’t work. A calendar, however, can be used as a reminder of important tasks, special events or a reminder of vacations. At the very least it will help you to remember things.

Introduce Regular Routines

Introducing a variety of routines makes it much easier to accomplish tasks. Your daily routine might include making the bed every morning, preparing the ingredients for dinner before you go to work, and spending an hour reading before you go to bed, so you’re feeling relaxed.

Work Out a Filing system

How many times do you find yourself running around because you can’t find an important document? Create a filing system that suits you and make sure you follow it throughout the year. You’ve probably got a drawer that’s filled with bits of paper, so start here and either file, shred or throw those pieces of paper away.

Sort Out Your Insurance

There are regular expenses and considerations you have to take care of every year, and how many times do you leave things such as your car insurance, home, and life insurance until the day before your policy expires? You will need to rethink your insurance, especially life insurance, to ensure you get the best deal possible.

Look for insurance that can give you the best coverage. Life insurance can be costly; therefore, when it comes to looking for the best life insurance rates, companies such as Local Life Agents can teach you how to find the best rate for you. Having such life insurance in place can help give you and your family peace of mind.

Plan Your Meals

Planning your meals for the week is going to help you eat a healthy diet and save you money because you’re not racing around the store picking up random ingredients. This can be cost effective and a great way to introduce new flavors and foods to the family.

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