10 Moving Tips You Should Use

Moving is one big adventure on its own. Packing everything into boxes to fit nicely and correctly is one huge hassle. Organization is definitely key to make moving a lot whole easier. Try one of these 10 Moving Tips!

What to Clean Before You Move Out from Sunshine Momma.

Here are some great tips to help you clean before you move out!

Color Coordinated Packing Labels from The Girl Creative

These colored labels will help make packing and knowing what is in them when you are looking for organizing your new home!

Picture from Olympic Moving & Storage

Planning one month ahead is great to feel stress free. Apartment Therapy has put together a list of what to do and when do it.

Moving System from Pack Ma Home

Planning is no easy task, so using a system is key to stay organized when packing and moving.

Idea from I Heart Nap Time

Use garbage bags to cover clothes and keep them clean. Make sure to tie a knot at the bottom!

Idea from The Frugal Girls

Use styrofoam plates between breakable plates.

Idea from Valerie Write Now

Saran wrap utensils in trays. Simple and easy.

Idea from Martha Stewart

Make a masking-tape X across mirrors and framed artwork. While this technique won’t prevent shattering, it will help absorb shock and hold the glass in the frame should the item be dropped. Pack objects in a tightly fitting box clearly marked “fragile” on all sides.

Idea from A Mommy’s Life With A Touch of Yellow

Make sure to wrap up your valuables. Use newspaper, paper towels, bubble, wrap and even towels!

Idea from Apartment Therapy

Label your cords with a piece of duct tape or masking tape. Write the name of the equipment in pen. This will save you from guessing what cord goes with what!

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