Volunteer Opportunities That Are Kid-Friendly

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A great way to instill the spiriting of giving to children at a young age and make a difference is volunteering as a family. There are many ways you can volunteer. Use these steps to help generate ideas for kids to volunteer and help them learn how to help others!

Step 1 – Discover Your Children’s Interest

Kids have a wide range and often diverse interests. The best way to capture and nurture their volunteer spirit is to find something they are passionate about and build on that. For instance, if animals spark your child’s interest, try volunteering at a local rescue or rehabilitation facility. If your child has a love for cooking, it can be channeled into a community food pantry.

Step 2 – Do Some Research for Opportunities

Once your children have narrowed down their interest of volunteering, help them learn more about the issues. Your goal is to help broaden their perspective beyond the walls of their home, so they can learn more about others, places, cultures, and issues.

Step 3 – Find a Local Opportunity

The best way to help your child see firsthand how volunteering directly impacts the world is looking for a local environmental group. Find one that is active and visit a natural area they have helped to protect. Check out Volunteer Match to find an opportunity!

Step 4 – Make a Commitment

Once you’ve decided on a local connection, work with your children to figure out how they can contribute. You can either do short-term or long-term. There might be all day opportunities or volunteer connections that require help throughout the year.

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