Celebrating Marriage During the Holidays

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It’s true that the “most wonderful time of the year” can quickly become the “most stressful time of the year”. There are many things that need to get done in order to plan for the holiday celebrations. There are talks of finances and sometimes extended family pressures. Running from one holiday activity to the next can be overwhelming as we try to make Christmas “magical” for all those around us.

One of the most important things we miss during the holiday season is celebrating the marriage with our spouses. We can miss each other as a couple among the tinsel and wrapping paper. Christmas planning and busyness can sometimes leave little room for relaxing time as well. But one of the best ways we can celebrate marriage through Christmas is with the themes of hope, love, joy and peace.


Christmas is an annual marker for a time when we tend to reflect on the past. It can bring grief and disappointments. Most of all it is a time we may especially need come hope.

Choose to find hope with each other, individually and as a family. Talk through your hopes for the coming year. Confess in areas where you feel you may be feeling negativity and need some hope. Take this holiday season as an opportunity to encourage each other.


Don’t forget to love your spouse in the way she or her appreciates it most as you run around during the busyness of Christmas. Love comes in all different ways and forms. It can be words, it can be touch, and it can be action. Remember that a kind word and tone always communicate love.

Take a half hour to give your spouse your full attention. Tell them how much you appreciate their ability to manage details or shopping for the gift that best expresses your appreciation. It will make them appreciate everything and not getting lost within the Christmas shuffle.


Sometimes it can be hard to find joy in the holiday season that can bring extra stress. From financial pressures to feeling tension of where and how much time spend on gifts, you can experience tensions during this time of year. Remember as a couple to be grateful for everything. Rather than fixating on how much you wish things could or should be, focus on the blessings you have within your life.


Peace can feel elusive as you navigate through the craze of Christmas. As you strive for peace within your home, specifically in your marriage, remember this time of year is to celebrate with loved ones. It’s not all about the gifts wrapped up and looking pretty.

Extend grace more easily, and you will certainly bring more peace in your marriage this Christmas.

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