Make Black Friday Shopping a Success with These 11 Tips

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With the holiday season getting started in a little over two weeks, it’s time to get yourself fully prepared and take advantage of all the amazing sales. The Friday after Thanksgiving marks one of the busiest days full of great sales as we all know it to be Black Friday. Get ahead on the holiday shopping season with these most practical shopping tips when you head out on Black Friday. These 11 tips will be sure to help you navigate through the chaos while saving money and time when possible.

1. Make a list

Making a list will help you stick to your shopping list. If you don’t know what you are looking for you will likely become very overwhelmed when shopping on Black Friday. You also might be tempted to buy things you don’t need too. Make a list and stick to it!

2. Do your research

Researching is an important part. It’s a step that should never be skipped. There are a lot of gift options out there, and if you are needing help with ideas take the time to do your research. Ask your family and friends what they might want this year. Maybe you already know what they are requesting, but sometimes there are specific bundles that come with various items, such as gaming consoles.

3. Make a budget and stick to it

While Black Friday always has amazing sales and great opportunities to save money, it can lead you to overspending. Decide on your budget for the holiday season, or maybe just Black Friday spending before you head out. Make sure you stick to the budget too and make sure to look for coupons online, I recently found a lowes coupon, which gave me a huge discount!

Shopping in-store

Now that we established a couple guidelines for Black Friday shopping. There are a couple tips that need to be covered if you decided to in-store shop during the big day.

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4. Make your plan

It sounds a bit weird to make a plan to go in-store shopping, but it does require planning beforehand. If you plan on taking advantage of the “doorbuster” deals make sure you visit the store first. Most of the items will be out before so you can make your list before the chaos erupts.

5. Use discounts and coupons

Save even more money with discounted gift cards and coupons. If there is a store you are going to be shopping at, check out discounted gift cards for those stores online.

6. Always price match

Check to see if your store you are shopping at offers price matching. You can quickly use Amazon to compare prices on the items you are thinking of purchasing.

Shopping online

Use these tips if you plan on shopping online for Black Friday sales.

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7. Sign up for email listings

Make sure you sign up for your favorite online stores. That is the best way to get information about deals offered for Black Friday.

8. Keep track of the discounts

You can use Retail Me Not to help keep track of the discount codes that you want to use. It will also help you not forget them.

9. Start early

Online sales sometimes put up their early deals for Black Friday. You can start checking the week beforehand if you want, so you don’t miss any early offers.

10. Don’t forget about Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday occurs the following Monday after Black Friday. The online stores will be packed with discounts and there will be many sales on Monday that you will not want to miss. Most of the stores will want to be getting rid of their stock in their ware houses.

11. Use autofill to save you time

Your internet browser has an autofill function. This will help you save time during the big rush for online shopping. Take the time to fill out the necessary information: shipping address, credit card information, and bill information. You can find this autofill within your browser’s settings.

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