9 Meaningful Gifts to Give to Your Child This Christmas

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Children love getting toys and gifts for Christmas, but often the pleasure is short-lived. Then they move onto the next greatest they when they are done playing with their Christmas gifts.

It’s true that one of the hardest things to teach your children about Christmas that it isn’t always about the presents. How can we as parents help them grasp this? It can be hard when all their friends are getting the latest toys. Sometimes we can get caught up in this comparison game.

The greatest gift you can give your children aren’t gifts, but experiences. Memories that will last a lifetime and that they will cherish forever.

Check out these 10 meaningful gifts to give to your child this Christmas!

1. A pass or membership

If you live near a museum, amusement park, or zoo a season pass or membership could be the perfect gift. Your child might just love being able to visit these locations throughout the year. They will be able to have multiple experiences with each visit.

2. Tickets to an event

Gift your children to something they have been wanting to see. It can be a play, orchestra, sporting event or a concert! It will give them something to look forward to and an amazing memory to remember forever.

3. Serving others

Teaching your children about those who might be less fortunate is a great way to help them learn more about Christmas. Volunteer somewhere with the whole family that will give them an eye-opening experience.

You can even find a family within your local area who could use a little help this Christmas with gifts. Let the kids help you shop for them.

4. A class

Is there a class your child has been wanting to take? Maybe a dance, art, or sport class. If the class requires supplies, gift them the supplies during Christmas to help them get started. Then hand them a paper with the class information on it, or include it within the gift! Your child will be so excited about taking the class and learn a new skill.

5. A trip to Disneyland

It’s almost every child’s dream to go to Disneyland. The downfall of this gift is that it can be a little pricey, but the memories made are truly priceless. Surprise your children during the holiday season or sometime within the next year.

6. Date night with mom and dad

Spending time one on one with your child is fun. Plana fun date with your child and make them feel special the whole night. Your child will love the few hours of undivided attention from both of his or her parents. It’s the perfect Christmas gift!

7. Movie night

Everyone loves a good movie night. Give your child a movie gift basket loaded with candy and a gift card to their favorite movie theater. Take it a step further to buy them some popcorn and have them choose the seats themselves!

8. Have a party

Have your child invite their friends and throw them an awesome party. Let your child help you plan the event. You can even have a theme for the party and have them hand out invites. The party can have all sorts of fun activities to do too.

9. Get crafty with your hands

If there is a pottery shop nearby, take your children there to experience creating something. Pottery is such a fun way for them to be able to create and take to home to use.

Children will love these gifts instead of getting toys or things. These gifts bring priceless experiences. They will also cherish these memories forever!

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