6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy During Germ Season & WIN – Doctor MKs Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews

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Germ season is fast approaching and we all know how tricky it can be to keep your family healthy and well throughout this time of year.

Whether you’re traveling for the holidays or simply navigating weekly school events and activities, you and your family are likely coming into contact with more germs than ever.

Here are 6 tips for keeping your kids healthy during germ season.

1. Eat Healthy Foods

We’ve all heard that eating a well-balanced diet of fresh and whole foods is one of the best ways to maintain good health—but it’s true! Add more fruits and vegetable to your kids diets by making them easily accessible and ready to eat. Try keeping baby carrots and cut up celery or broccoli in the fridge at kid-eye-level. You can also include your children in the selection process to make it more fun. Let them help to pick out the fruits and vegetables at the store and they’ll be more excited to eat them.

2. Take Probiotics

A healthy diet lays a great foundation for good health, but if you want to help your kids fight infection during germ season, try introducing a daily probiotic. Probiotics fight nasty bacteria with good bacteria and have been shown to help with stomach and skin issues. Consider a natural, great-tasting chewable, like Doctor MKs Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews. It’s physician formulated, gluten and sugar-free, and comes in fun shapes that kids love. (It’s a good idea to check with your child’s primary care physician before giving any supplements to your children.)

3. Wash Hands Often

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As simple as it seems, hand washing is one of the best ways to prevent the spread of germs. Remind your kids to wash their hands often, especially after spending time in public places, before eating meals or snacking, and before going to bed. Frequently washing their hands with warm water and soap will help stop the spread of germs from kid to kid and from surface areas they come in contact with. Don’t forget to wash your own hands often as well!

4. Sleep More

Studies have shown that getting enough sleep is valuable in fighting infections. Those who get adequate sleep, give their bodies a better chance at fighting off pesky germs. This is especially important for your little ones. As a general rule of thumb, school-age children should be sleeping 9–11 hours a night, and preschoolers (age 3–5) should be sleeping 10–13 hours. So stick to earlier bedtimes if possible and let your little ones snooze away to naturally strengthen their immune systems.

5. Wash High-Contact Surfaces

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s important enough to mention here. Be sure to regular sanitize items around the house that get touched often, such as remotes, door knobs, phones, and counters. It’s also a good idea to change kitchen and bathroom hand towels frequently to help prevent the spread of germs. Your house will feel cleaner and your kids will be less likely to come into contact with bacteria while at home.

6. Drink Water

Water is a vital part of our immune systems. Our bodies rely on water to function properly, and it’s important for our kids to drink enough water throughout the day. Most studies say that drinking 6–8 glasses of water a day is a healthy standard for both kids and adults. Encourage your kids to drink water with meals and to grab for a glass when they’re thirsty instead of a dehydrating soda or sugary juice. Add slices of lemon or other fruits to add a pop of color and taste your kids will love!

Fight Germs

In sum, don’t take your kids health for granted.

Fight germs with everything you’ve got—try introducing a daily probiotic like Doctor MKs Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews in addition to providing your children with a healthy diet full of fruits and vegetables.

Make sure your kids are drinking lots of water and getting enough sleep.

And don’t forget to wash surfaces and hands (yours and theirs) frequently to prevent the spread of germs.

With these tips up your sleeve, you’re ready for whatever germ season will bring your way.

Doctor MK’s Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews are physician formulated, all natural, and come in fun animal shapes that kids enjoy. Parents love that they’re sugar-free, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher—and kids love that they taste like candy!

Probiotics help support a healthy immune system for your kids, especially when it comes to fighting harmful bacteria in their stomach. Doctor MK’s Natural KIDS Probiotic Chews were created by a physician with parents in mind. Each supplement is tested for quality and safety. This product contains 10 strains of 2 billion CFUs, all certified. You can rest assured with a 100% satisfaction guarantee while taking action to help your kids stay healthy with a daily probiotic.

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