5 Family Morning Rituals for a Happy Day

The morning time can be busy for all types of families. There are sometimes a handful of little ones that need help getting ready for the day and rushed out the door to head to school. You might even be a working parent and need to get yourself out the door and to work. Running around within the early hours of the morning can really start you on the wrong foot for your entire day.

To make your day a happier one, try these 5 family morning rituals!

1. Make your favorite every morning

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If you have a favorite breakfast food, try making it every morning or a few times a week! There are plenty of recipes out there that you can prepare ahead to have a quick and yummy breakfast. My favorite breakfast food is waffles. Waffles can quickly be prepared with making the batter the night before.

Check out this delicious Overnight Belgian Waffles recipe from Food Network!

2. Start your day with a song

Wake up your children with a song. It doesn’t matter what song it is. Maybe you can sing your favorite one. If you sing out of key, who cares? It’s great day to get you in the right mood! Make it your next family morning tradition.

3. Get up early

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Sounds like something you never thought of doing, but it can be worth it. Maybe there is something you can do by waking up an hour doing. If the weather is nice, go for an early morning walk. It’s a great time to spend a one-on-one with your children or partner.

4. Set your alarm to leave

If you need to leave your house at a certain time, set an alarm on your phone. Make a happy song your alarm tone. This can help you know when it’s time to leave to get to work or drop the kids off at school.

5. Share your dreams

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Before you get out of bed, share your dreams with each other. Even if you don’t remember what you dreamt that night, make something up to make each other laugh!

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