4 Ways to Establish a Nighttime Routine

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Getting the kids off to bed can sometimes be challenging. There is homework, dinner, and other activities that can keep you busy during the night. Sleep is an essential part of your child’s growth development. To ensure you set up a healthy routine for your child, establish a nighttime routine that can help your child get off to bed at a decent hour.

Check out these great tips for a smooth nighttime routine.

1. Get to bed on time

It’s important to get your children off to bed on time for them to get a full night’s rest. Set a bedtime for your children. Stick with it during the weeknights when your children have school. Try to set a similar bedtime for those nights, such as the weekend, when your kids don’t have school.

2. Stick to the schedule

Once you have established a bedtime, make sure you stick with the schedule. Don’t allow yourself to slip from the set bedtime. Allowing the bedtime to slip away can drag on and delay the whole nighttime routine. This can also throw your kids off, so going to bed at the same time ensures your children are well-rested and prepared for the next day.

3. Prepare for bedtime

Getting ready for bed early can help your kids get in the mood for sleep. Have them get into their pajamas early, such as an hour before. Allow them to do an activity that doesn’t make a lot of loud noises, but relaxes them and mellows them out before bedtime.

4. Remain flexible

Sometimes you may have an off night and bedtime can be pushed until later. Try to be flexible when these types of nights arrive. Try to make it calm as possible.

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