3 Jobs That Parenthood Prepares You For

A lot of stay at home parents worry about getting back into the job market once the kids get a bit older. There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you’re going back to work. If the kids are still at home then you need to think about your work-life balance so you can still help to look after the family. Another big worry that parents have is their lack of recent experience. The job market is more competitive than ever and if you’ve been out of work for a good few years, it could put you at a disadvantage. But the situation isn’t actually as bad as you think because, even though you haven’t been at work, you’ve still been developing your skills. People often say that parenthood is the hardest job there is and that’s absolutely true. You’ll learn so many things as a parent that will help you out when you do decide to get back into work. If you’ve raised a family, you’re perfectly suited to these jobs.

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Social Work

Empathy is a big part of parenting because you have to help your kids through a lot of emotional turmoil. If you’ve got teenagers, you’ll know this better than anybody. Social work is a career that requires a lot of empathy so parents are ideal for it. You can do social worker programs online which is ideal for somebody in your position. You can train and get qualified at home instead of going back to school full-time, then you can start looking for jobs. Social workers also have to deal with a lot of stressful and emotionally charged situations which you’ll have a lot of good experience in as a parent.

Event Planner

The morning school run is chaos for all parents. Trying to get everybody up, dressed and fed before heading out the door is a mammoth task and you do it every single day. You’ve also got to manage everybody’s schedule and make sure that the kids are all at any after school clubs on time. All of that develops some really great organizational skills that are useful in any job. But there are also some great careers that are focused around organization, like event planning. Event planners have to handle hundreds of tiny details and coordinate loads of different people to make an event come together. Some people might find that difficult but for a parent, it should be a breeze.


There is a lot of negotiation involved in parenting, whether it’s convincing the kids to go to bed or getting them to do their homework. Negotiation skills are important in a lot of different jobs but some, like sales, are built around them. Trying to work out a deal with clients and convince them to spend more money with the company takes good negotiating skills. Your average person doesn’t always have that ability but compared to negotiating with kids, trying to make sales to adults should be easy.

Don’t worry about having a career break to raise a family, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to find work in later life because parenthood prepares you for so many different jobs.

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