You Should Always Buy These 5 Items at Thrift Stores

Thrift shopping can be so thrilling sometimes. Digging through the midst of items that have been tossed out just might lead you to something very special. Someone’s old items, just might be your new treasure to keep.

When it comes to thrifting, there are just some items you should never pass up on. These items a are sure to be a treasure for a long time. Check out these 5 items you should always buy at thrift stores!

1. Copper and Brass Items

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These items are gorgeous. They last forever and can provide the perfect unique piece in your kitchen. Rather than buying copper and brass items new, find them at thrift shops for a tiny fraction of the cost!

2. High Quality Cookware

When shopping amongst the thrift stores, never pass up on a cast iron, enameled cat iron, or a heavy duty stainless steel cookware. You can come across these items that can be in perfect condition but just need a bit of deep cleaning. Even those cookware burned badly be still be saved with quick trick like How to Clean Burnt-On Stains Off Enameled Cookware from The Kitchn!

3. Vintage Dishes, Corningware, and Pyrex Bakeware

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These vintage dishes, such as corelle and Corningware, are often still in excellent quality and the prints are often irresistible. Perfect for those farmhouse home décor styles! Also, often the older corningware dishes are stovetop safe but the new ones are not.

4. Cotton Blankets

Well-worn cotton blankets are the perfect item. They are not only comfortable with their weight, but their softness is not like any other blankets. Apparently, these blankets get better with age!

5. Wooden Chopping boards, Spoons, and Bowls

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Wooden chopping boards that are older can easily be restored. Use mineral oil to make them brand new. Wooden chopping boards are even said to be have a higher quality too than the current ones. Never place your wooden chopping boards in the dishwasher and avoid cleaning it with soap.

Be sure to keep your eye out for Cutco Knives, as these have amazing quality and lifetime guarantee!

Check out Cooking Light’s guide on How to Clean Wooden Kitchen Utensils.

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