The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Home

If you know that you need to buy a new property then you will know how stressful it can be. After all, at times you may feel as though there just aren’t any properties out there and you may even find that even if you did find one, you can’t actually afford it. This is the last thing that you need when you already have so much to think about, so if you want to make the whole thing easier on yourself then there are a few things that you can do about this.


A good rule of thumb is to look at how much you can afford. You can usually borrow three times as much as your annual income. Couples can generally borrow a bit more so if you have a partner then don’t be afraid to put their income down as well. There is a chance that you can borrow more but there is really no point at all in you trying to buy the house of your dreams, only to find that you have a financial nightmare on your hands as soon as you get the keys. Your repayments should also be no more than 40% of your income. If you can you should always try and work this out so that you can feel confident in the whole process.

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When you have worked out exactly what you can afford, you then need to find out how much work needs to be done to the property in order to make it up to your standards. You also need to find out if the property is in an area that you want to live in. You will probably have to compromise on some aspects of your property but one thing that you should never compromise on is the location. If you want to see more of a house then it is well worth utilising the local paper and you will also want to use your local estate agents as well. If you know that there is a street you really want to live on but you know that there are no houses then you can easily post some flyers through some of the doors. You never know, someone may be tempted to sell but they haven’t quite got the motivation yet so your flyer might just prompt them to get it on the market.


You can get a really good idea of how much of a property is worth by comparing it to other properties. You can also get information on websites as well as this is one of the best ways for you to find out if the property you are looking at is worth the money. It is also a good way for you to find out if you can offer a reduced price for the property based on the surrounding ones. You would be surprised at how much this can make a difference and you would also be surprised at how much you could save by following these simple steps.

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When choosing your property you also have to think about the location. If you do not take the location into account then you may find that you make a bad decision with your purchase. Things you need to think about include whether or not the property is near any schools and you also need to think about whether or not it is going to take you any extra time to get to work. If this is the case, work out how much fuel it is going to cost you as well, because little expenses like this can really creep up on you and it can also make it much harder for you financially if you are going to be making higher mortgage repayments. If you are struggling then you may want to look into a VA home loan to see if this is an option.


Sometimes you may find a property that is really run down and it may not be worth the effort at first, but it is so important that you look at the bigger picture. You need to think about the price that you could get for it when it is improved, and then work out everything else. When you are able to do this, you can then find out if you can make a worthwhile investment and you can also find out if you can make a profit from it as well. When you have this information, you can then really make the most out of your purchase.

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