MUST READ: 5 Natural Remedies Parents Can Do for Their Kids with Teething Problems & WIN: 3-Pack Shark Tooth Silicone Chews

Teething can be an ordeal for kids and parents as it involves drooling, crankiness, biting, fussiness, sleeplessness, fever, rashes, tears, and even a decreased appetite for food. Generally, it can cause pain and discomfort. So you may have to learn about its natural remedies.

There are 5 effective ways parents can help to remedy teething-caused issues.

Decrease the inflammation level.

Teething causes inflammation. As a result, kids can suffer from pain. To lower the level of inflammation, just follow these simple solutions: lower their stress by making sure they rest enough, avoid white foods like flour and refined sugar, dairy products and even potatoes since they can trigger inflammation, and focus on whole foods in order to have a balanced blood sugar level.

Let the kids use cool teething necklaces.

Something chewable can help your baby a lot. It serves as one way to relieve the pain and discomfort. The sensory shark teething necklaces are one of the highly recommended items because they are functional and also look really cool. They can help deal with thumb sucking, oral fixations, and even ADHD-related issues. Although they are designed for biting and chewing, the cool design does have some portions that are thinner than others and may not hold up to some of the more aggressive chewers.

Boost the immune system.

Because teething is associated with colds and fever, a strong immune system among the affected toddlers or babies is significant. Breastfeeding, supplementing with Vitamin D, and providing them with probiotics are essential approaches.

Rubbing your kid’s gums plays a vital role as well.

Why does this help? Rubbing the gums can cause pressure there at the gums. By having a soft rub through a moistened gauze pad or a sanitized finger can help in alleviating the discomfort the babies are having.  This is another great use of teething necklaces and silicone teething items like mentioned above. You can gently rub your child’s gums with your finger or the teething necklace (which may be cleaner than your finger). You can even make your own, just make sure you contact these silicone mixing equipment suppliers to start off.

Keep your child’s mouth dry.

Drooling or the non-stop outpour of saliva is causing discomfort and can even lead to crying. So dry the drool! It can prevent skin irritation. Make sure that you have a clean cloth to wipe off your kid’s chin.

If teething causes an uncontrollable fever or colds, consulting a doctor is advised. When you want to try effective teething necklaces, you can check out Mommy’s Touch Brand which is available on Amazon, Walmart and on their website.

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