Good Alternatives for Kids Who Don’t Want to Attend College

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Not everyone wants to go to college after high school. It does not suit all some people and they should not be forced into it just because it is the ‘done thing’, There are alternatives where they may be much happier, and these should be looked into at the very least. The financial burdens attached to college courses are also something that some students do not want to face, so finding other ways of learning a trade or profession is the way for them to go.

Vocational Schools Or Leaning A Trade

Learning a trade, whether you do that in vocational school or on the job, is a great alternative to traditional colleges, especially if you enjoy working with your hands. These types of training tend to be for trades that the US has a sad lack of, such as commercial electrician workers, plumbers, welders, metalworkers, locksmiths and many more., They usually end up earning a very good salary, but they get there through hard work rather than studying.

With apprenticeships, you learn while you work and are earning a wage all the way through. When you qualify, you will have certification to say you are competent at your trade, just as a lawyer who has been to university will.

Online Courses

Although colleges and universities run online courses, they are different as you do not need to attend a physical building every day. In fact, when you study is up to you, and although the courses have time limits, they tend to be longer than for the students going to college. For instance, if you want to look at RN BSN online with a view to completing a course, you can keep your full-time job if you have one, and do the course in the evenings or at weekends.

Military Service

When you first enlist the pay is quite low, but your food, clothes, housing needs, and insurances are all taken care of, so it is not as bad as it first sounds. The armed forces offer great opportunities for education, adventure, promotion, and job security. Serving your country is a job to be proud of and many people make a career of it.

Take A Year Or Two Out

If you have no idea what you want to do, take a year or two out and volunteer your services to the like of Peace Corps or AmeriCorps. You could find yourself being sent to anywhere in the world to help communities that are far worse of than any in the US. Your basic housing and living needs are usually taken care of by the organization. It is a great way to see other cultures and perhaps will help you decide which career path you want to take.

Work Your Way Up

If none of the above suggestions is the answer for you, look at the jobs where people are employed straight from high school. There are lots of them, and with the larger employers, you will have the chance to learn the job while you earn money, and to work your way up through the ranks because of your experience rather than qualifications.

If you really do not want to go to college, don’t make yourself, as you are more likely to fail. Look at the alternatives and see if any of those would suit you better.

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