Environmentally Friendly Ways to Remove Your Yard Waste

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If you are late to finishing the last touches of a late summer landscaping or raking the leaves away in the yard, don’t toss out those twigs and leaves quite yet. It might seem the proper way to toss your yard waste with the rest of your household trash, but there are steps you should take. Mother Nature will thank you later.

Here are few smart ways to ensure your yard waste is disposed properly and can get put to good use!

Grass Clippings

The best way to handle your waste after mowing the lawn is to leave it on the lawn. This method is known as grasscycling. The grass clippings will quickly biodegrade, and also add valuable nutrients back into your lawn.

Pile of Leaves

The best and quickest way of getting rid of your pile of leaves is to mow them into your grass. Use the mulch option on your lawn mower if it has one. This method will create a rich mixture that will nurture your lawn when spring comes.

If you have a compost system, add your leaves in. Leaves are a good source of nitrogen that help break down your compost.

Shrubs, Sticks, and Branches that are Large

Since bigger items will not break down its recommended to bury them if you can. These items will eventually break down completely. You could also contact your local sanitation department about any collection sites or available pick-up services. These collection sites will dispose of them properly.

Rocks or Stones

There are plenty of things you can do with rocks and stones. You can use them as some extra garden décor or craft them into something fun. If you don’t have a need for any of them ask your neighborhood or friends. Maybe a community garden would like them. you can always call your local sanitation department about collection services too.

Seasonal Décor

After the fall festival and Halloween celebration, you can put your pumpkins, hay stacks, and more in your very own compost system if you have one. Otherwise drop it off at a local collection site for compost in your area.

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