9 Kid-Friendly Halloween Party Games

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Whenever you are planning a party that includes kids, it is always a smart idea to have a few activities planned. If you are planning to have a Halloween party to celebrate the spooky season, then it is perfect to incorporate some fun games when everyone is revved up with excitement and candy!

These games will work for any party that is planned at home or in school classrooms. Be sure to consider the ages of the children that are going to be coming to the party. Then have a howling good time with these Halloween party games for kids.

Pumpkin Penny Toss

Age Group: Kids to pre-teens

Objective: Pitch a penny into the pumpkin.

Carve out a pumpkin, making a wide opening at the top. Give each child a handful of pennies. Have them stand at an appropriate distance from the pumpkin and try to toss the pennies in, one at a time. For each toss that is successful, give the child a small piece of Halloween candy!

Trick-or-Treat Memory Game

Age Group: Kids to pre-teens

Objective: Remember the order of the list prior to each player’s turn and then add one to the list.

Have each child begin by saying “I want a trick or treating and I collected…” and then in alphabetically order each child adds to the list. Each subsequent child needs to add to the list and repeat the letters prior to their turn. An example a child might say is “I collected C – a cat, B – a bat, A – an apple.” Friends can help with the game if they want to!

Pumpkin Ring Toss

Age Group: Kids through teens

Objective: Toss a ring around a pumpkin.

Crave out one to three pumpkins. Buy or make three or four rings about twice as big around as the pumpkins. Measure back several feet away from the pumpkins, depending on the age group. Give the rings to each player. A piece of candy can be awarded for the ringing pumpkin. You can even award the children a piece of candy for a partial ring.

Wrap the Mummy

Age Group: Kids through teens

Objective: Wrap the selected mummy, the first group done wins.

Divide the children into teams of three to five kids. Select one player in each of the groups to be a mummy. Then give the children a roll of toilet paper. Instruct them to wrap the mummy with the paper, leaving the eyes, nose, and mouth uncovered. The first group to be done with their roll of paper wins!

Halloween Freeze Dance

Age Group: Kids through teens

Objective: The last person dancing wins.

Play Halloween party music or creepy sounds and tell the children to dance. When the music is turned off, all the players need to freeze. Whoever is caught moving during the freeze is out of the game. The last person dancing wins!

Pumpkin Bowling

Age Group Kids to pre-teens

Objective: Knock over the bowling pins. Make a strike or a spare.

Select several small pumpkins about four to six inches in diameter. Be sure to get a few extra incase a few split or break. Remove the stem. Place plastic bowling pins several feet away on the lawn or floor of the room. You can use plastic liter bottles as an alternative bowling pin. Let the kids decorate them with Halloween objects before the game!

Measure several feet away from the bowling pins. Give each child two tries to knock down the pins. A strike is worth two pieces of candy a spare is worth one piece of candy.

Make a Zombie Laugh

Age Group: Kids to pre-teens

Objective: Make the other players laugh. Whoever holds out the longest without laughing wins.

Tell all the players to lie still on the floor like a zombie. One player will be selected to be “it”. This player’s job is to make the other children laugh. They can do this by making funny faces, dancing, acting silly, or whatever inspires them. Once a “zombie” player laughs, he or she can join “it” in attempting to make the other players laugh.

Pass the Pumpkin

Age Group: Kids through teens

Objective: Pass the pumpkin around. Don’t be holding the pumpkin when the music stops, or the player is out.

Seat the kids on the floor in a circle. Give them a small pumpkin to pass around. Play Halloween music as they pass the pumpkin around. Periodically stop the music. Whoever is holding the pumpkin is out. The game continues until one person is left with the pumpkin.

Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin

Age Group: Kids to pre-teens

Objective: Pin the nose on the pumpkin.

Tack a large cardboard pumpkin to a wall. Blindfold each player and give them a black cutout shape of a nose with double-sided tape on the back. Have them walk up to the wall and pin the nose on the cardboard pumpkin. See how close they can get to pinning the nose on the pumpkin.

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