5 Tips to Organize Your Baby Photos

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One of the tasks I have put off for years is organizing my children’s baby photos. I have amassed a ton of baby photos. Some are on my digital camera, some are on my phone, and some are on my husband’s phone. There are photos that exist within my inbox, on social media, and random photo-sharing sites.I’m definitely stuck in a photo organization rut!

So, it’s about time that I tackled this task. One thing I want to do is create baby books for my children. It’s a good thing practically and emotionally. Preserving the memory of our children is important, especially on our technology devices and within our cloud accounts. Often the loads of photos we have obtained over the years can create clutter that can get in the way of being productive and even our happiness.

Organization keeps us from feeling this overwhelming emotion. Once we tackle this photo organizing problem, I’m guaranteed a lot of weight will lift off our shoulders! So, let’s tackle this together with starting off by using these 5 tips to organize your baby photos.

1. Work with what you got

First, we need to start off by dealing with the current baby photo clutter we already have within existing photo apps and cloud services. You can use iCloud to sync all your iPhone photos or use Google Photos for android devices. One great thing about these devices is that they have an awesome tool already built in which has facial recognition and “memory” sorting.

All you need to do is name the people that are most often in the photos. The app will then identify them with a tag. You can easily use this tool to organize with dates or events. One day you might want to find photos of a friend or family member and all you have to do is search their name.

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2. Get rid of the clutter

It’s not easy to delete photos, especially of our own children! I have to constantly remind myself that I don’t need hundreds of photos of my children doing the same thing. It’s better to delete the ones that don’t look good.

Tip: Set a calendar alert and commit to using that day for photo deleting or sorting.

Backup Plan: Auto-sync all of your photos to Dropbox to save photos in more than one place.

3. Rummage through social media

Now it’s time to tackle the social media. Gather all those photos of your baby tagged on Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to save them and upload them into the device you are using to keep them stored. Don’t forget your backup plan too!

4. Press print

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If you are wanting to create a baby book, then you want to choose some good prints. Print photos and then create your baby book. Place them not photo albums, scrapbooks, or maybe frame a favorite you have found!

5. Make keepsakes

Once the photos are organized digital, you can now compile them into your baby book or create some gifts for the family. Check out these amazing options to helping you create baby books:

BabyPage is unique by allowing you to easily track milestones. It tracks important dates as you go and then creates a beautiful book!

TinyBeans is a private photo-sharing app that reminds you to take at least one photo every day. You can share them privately with family and friends instead of posting onto social media.

Pinhole Press help you create a toddler-friendly spiral bound book or make your own baby board books to help your toddler learn. Your toddler can learn letters, numbers, words, and faces!

MemoryBox allows everyone to contribute photos from the same event. Multiple devices are allowed to be used and centralized into Memory in the Cloud. This is perfect for any event your children are in where a lot of other people will be taking photos you would want to have.

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