5 Small Ways You Can Improve Your Marriage

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We often dream of the “perfect” marriage when we get married. However, there are very few married couple that would describe their partnership as perfect. As much as we would like to have a “perfect” marriage with our partners, it is only a fallacy. Most partnerships have their ups and their downs, their peaks, and their valleys, their triumphs and their hardships.

The good news is there are ways to improve your marriage. With just a few minor adjustments you can have one of the best relationships with your partner. Check out these 5 small ways you can improve your marriage.

1. Hug and kiss your partner every morning

We aren’t talking about a pat on the back, but a hug that is true, tight with both arms wrapped around each other. A kiss that is both meaningful and purposeful too. Don’t worry about the morning breath!

It might sound simple but for those who are not a morning person and who typically are a coffee-lacking monster when waking up, might be pushing it. This is important, so give it a try. Try it just for a week and see how you and your spouse do.

2. Talk more

Some of us might prefer the convenience and ease of sending and answering text messages, but it’s important to talk on the phone more. We might stay with texting our spouses because it’s easy to keep the stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions together. It’s better not to resort to texting as our primary mode of communication because nothing more than words and emojis typically cannot transfer correctly over always. By talking less, we are contributing to weakening our spousal intimacy and really bypassing the chance to deepen our connection.

3. Stop complaining

I often find myself complaining a lot about what my partner has said or did. I’m always focusing on the negative of what my spouse has done rather than what he has done correctly. It’s important to get some perspective, especially from our partners. And definitely learning not to sweat the small stuff.

4. Really look at your partner

Take a look at your spouse. How do they look today? Are they happy? Are they sad? How often do you look at your partner long enough to ask yourself these questions?

In the busy, craziness, and both the predictability and unpredictability of each day, we rush over things that matter the most. It’s important to look deeper and below the surface. Look at your partner beneath the surface. What are their thoughts, desires, and needs? You will find more meaningful things than you can imagine.

5. Don’t take it for granted

It’s easy for us to take things for granted when we become too comfortable. You might feel confident within the security of your marriage, but getting too comfortable can sometimes be bad. You might think that no matter the fights or things you do wrong your partner will never leave you. Remember that taking your partner for granted can lead you down to a road that can damage your marriage.

Overall, these small changes do sound easy, but they are not. It is not always easy to implement changes, especially day after day. Making a step each day to work on these small improvements can help you have a happy and successful marriage.

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