5 New Mom Mistakes That Are Okay to Make

As a new mom, you probably have read about every parenting book you can get your hands on. You might have searched late into the night online for answers to why your newborn baby is not sleeping. It might feel like you aren’t doing something right but as a new mom it’s okay to make mistakes. Don’t let social media and parenting books get you down.

Here are 5 new mom mistakes that are okay to make as you journey through this new adventure.

1. Worrying constantly

It’s alright to worry. It’s just something you do when you jump into a new chapter of life and are wanting to do the best that you can do for your new little bundle. Definitely don’t worry about what you might be doing wrong.

2. Hogging the baby

You carried your baby for nine months in your body so being a little territorial isn’t something you can’t be blamed for. As a parent with five kids now, I know that you can never give your children too much love. The days with your baby will be short, so snuggle up and enjoy them together.

3. Feeling stressed over the milestones

You might feel stressed about your baby not meeting the milestones. Even so might make you feel like a failure as a mom. It’s normal to feel this way. We want our children to be reaching those developmental marks, but just remember those will come in good time. Being stressed and worried about your baby not reaching those milestones won’t make them happen any faster.

4. Staying at home

It’s normal to shut yourself away with your family and spend those precious days and even weeks with each other. Don’t feel guilty to say not to visitors and turn down invitations with friends. As well, if you decide to go out and do the opposite for a night that’s okay too! Let someone else take care of your baby for the night and enjoy some time with yourself or with friends.

5. Assuming that you’re doing it all wrong

You are not doing anything wrong. No matter how much parenting books we read or research online we will always have those mommy-moments wondering what do we do. Sleep deprivation, baby blues, and more add it to the mix to making things a little less clear for us make choices. Just remember that figuring out this whole new parenting thing is part of being a mom and there’s nothing wrong with that.

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