4 Tips for Travelling with the Kids

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When we picture going on holiday with the kids, we see one of two images. Either everyone singing and getting along harmoniously, or we picture eight hours of screaming and fighting on the back seat with the only tune we keep hearing on repeat is “are we there yet?”.

The first image probably isn’t realistic, and the second is bound to occur at some point on the trip, so what can you do to help the journey go a little smoother? Well, read on for 4 tips for travelling with the kids.

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Slow things down

No matter how well you plan, or how you try your best to get around it, at the end of the day travelling with young children slows every activity down. Whether that’s stopping for toilet breaks, stopping to change clothes due to a spillage, consoling them due to boredom, and just all the staring, gawping, daydreaming and tantrums along the way, if you try to rush things through you’re only going to get more stressed. You can aim to leave earlier than normal if you want to allow more time for these things, remember, allowing time for these things might mean that the journey is longer, but everyone will get there safely and hopefully not too stressed.

Keep them busy

Doesn’t matter if it’s a car journey, a train, a plane or even a trip on a ferry, travelling is boring; for the kids anyway. So you need to keep their little minds busy while they’re strapped into their seats. For the little ones keeping a bag of their favourite toys and comforter to hand is always a good idea. For those who can hold a pen, why not get them a notebook and some new pens and have them create their very own journey journal? They can document the journey and make notes of what they see.


Sometimes, a little time in front of a screen is enough to distract them for a couple of hours. So bringing along a tablet that is loaded with games, films and plenty of battery life will go down a treat. Try to restrict this “tablet time” if you can, many children turn irritable and grumpy when they have too much stimulation from technology.


Another crucial item for your arsenal; snacks are a huge part of any journey. So you can bring plenty of wholesome things – even have a picnic in the car if you want – and let them fill their faces on fruit, snack bars, sandwiches and crisps. Try not to overdo it too much on the sugar front, the last thing you want is a 4 year old coming down from a sugar high when you’re stuck on the motorway.

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