10 Essential Laundry-Room Organizing Ideas

Laundry rooms are notorious for being cramped. Often, they become the catchall for shoes, coats, backpacks, mail, and anything else that can quickly get dropped off at the door. The laundry room already works overtime, so organization takes precedence.

If you are looking for inspiration for making over your laundry room, these laundry room ideas will help you maximize your space and make it more efficient.

1. Divide them

Keep folded linens organized in a neat stack. Flip two shelf brackets on their heads and fasten them to the wall. Use finish washers to hold the shelf in place.

2. Add a countertop

Adding a block slab creates the top of your laundry machine into usable work space. You can add cute curtains to hide the laundry machines as well. This idea comes from The Inspired Room.

3. Create a laundry wall

Use an adjustable wire shelving since it is convenient and waterproof. You can use one shelf reserved for drying sweaters. Use storage or organizing boxes to hold house supplies. You can store other necessary items on the shelves as well.

4. Dry them on the tilt-out drying racks

Line the walls with tilt-out drying racks. Hinges help them tuck neatly out of the way when you are done! This idea comes from Home With Baxter.

5. Use a small shelf over the laundry machines

A small shelf over the top of the laundry machines offer a space to add items you use consistently. It requires that not much room at all too!

6. Maximize those narrow spaces

Take advantage of those awkward nooks and carnies by hanging a lay-flat drying rack that flips up when you are not using it! This idea comes from Bungalow Chronicles.

7. Squeeze that iron board in

Make the extra space in your laundry room by adding a hidden closet between wall studs. Store the iron board within this closet so it always has a place to stow completely out of the way.

8. Install a pegboard

A small laundry might not have a lot of space, so it is important to take advantage of all of the space. Use a pegboard to store all of your tools and dirty clothes baskets. This idea comes from The DIY Mommy.

9. Use a color palette that is serene

A serene color creates a sense of organization. Paint your laundry room with colors that are warm and soothing. Overall, it will provide a space that gives a calming effect.

10. Make use of that cramped closet

Create a nook that can be used for folding. You can also use the nook for storing both the dirty-laundry hamper and a trio of other sort of items. You can even personalize the space too! This idea comes from Redhead Can Decorate.

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