What to Do with Your Wedding Dress After Your Big Day

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One of the main focuses of a brides dream wedding is their dress. Many brides can feel overwhelmed and pressured to find the perfect dress for their big day. Once you have found that perfect dress, you may soon realize all of that time and energy spent was all for a dress you will only wear once. You may think about reselling it after your special day then. Make sure you get tons of photos then!

Considering the fact that you only wear the gown for a short amount of time on your big day, it can make it hard to come to terms with just how much you spent on it. However, if you have got your heart set on a wedding dress designer and its one of your top priorities for your wedding day, by all means, you really should follow your heart since it is a very special day for you.

Instead of closeting your dress after the big day, consider some of these ideas what to do with your wedding dress after. There are also some ways you might be able to recover some of the cost of your wedding dress.

Get your wedding dress clean

You will always want to get your wedding gown cleaned after the big day first. Whether your big day was inside or outside, it is likely that your dress got some wear and tear. There is likely sweat, makeup, dirt, and smudges somewhere on your gown. Get your dress professionally cleaned as soon as possible after your wedding to keep any stains and marks from permanently settling in. While your dress might not look like it got dirty, it is still a good idea to get the dress cleaned before storing or reselling.

If you are leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding, make sure you ask a friend or family member to drop the dress off to the cleaners soon after the wedding. Getting your dress to the cleaners right away will make sure the cleaning is taken care so you can avoid any stains settling in.

Preserving your dress

If you plan on preserving your dress, consider this when you have found the dress for your special day. Look at the tag to see what they suggest for preserving your dress or even ask the employees for advice about the best ways to clean and preserve the dress.

Do not skip cleaning your gown before preserving it as this is a major step if you plan on doing this. If are planning to wear it again or pass it down in the future, make sure the dress is packaged in an acid-free archival box.

Storing your wedding dress

Once the dress has been cleaned and preserved in a box, you need to find a place to store it. Keep in mind about natural or artificial light as this can alter the state of the fabric. Store your dress in a dark, interior room such as the closet. Also make sure you store the dress in a cool, dry place that is free from any humidity or high temperatures.

Selling your dress

If you don’t feel like sitting with your dress forever, consider selling it. Today it is easier than ever to sell your wedding gown after the big day online. You not only get some of your money back you spent on the dress, but it also lets another bride wear the dress of her dreams for less!

Check out these websites below to sell your wedding dress:

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