The Need-to-Knows About Cloth Diapers

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Cloth diapers have changed a lot over time. No longer are pins, big square pieces of cotton, leaky diapers, and daunting tasks of cleaning up are included. Cloth diapers now offer Velcro closures, waterproof banding around the waist and legs, and breathable fibers. Cloth diapers have become more palatable choice than anything before.

The great thing about cloth diapers is they come in all sort of cool patterns. You also won’t have to worry about blowouts and suspicious chemicals used to make disposable diapers. There is also potential savings.

You may want to give the cloth diapers a try now!

The Cost

If you decide to use cloth diapers, the cost over a few years will be between $800 and $1,100. That is half as much as disposables! Using cloth diapers on a second child will only cost you the amount of laundering, which is near $400 for three years. Over all, the cost for a year of cloth diapers is less than $600 where it normally is $800 a year for leading brand disposable diapers.

Laundry Care 101

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All you have to do is shake the solids into the toilet and drops the diaper into the plastic-lined pail. Once the pail is full then tip it into your washer. Wash once with detergent then reset your washer, add more detergent, and wash again. Do not use bleach! Remove from the wash and rinse twice to be sure all the residue detergent is rinsed and dry on hot.

How Many Cloth Diapers?

It is estimated that you will likely need about 2 or 3 dozen diapers if you get to the wash every third day. That is about 75 to 80 if you are using a weekly diaper service. Diaper services also include diaper rentals in their price.

Eco-Friendly Services

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The prospect of home laundering cloth diapers can be pretty intimating one. If you feel this way, then maybe you want to opt in for a local diaper service. This is also perfect if you are not motivated to use cloth diapers based on finances.

Eco-friendly diaper services now use biodegradable detergents in their cleaning process. The cost of using a diaper service plus the cloth diaper covers will cost you around $2,000-$2,500 over three years.

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