How to Make the Perfect Time Capsule for Your Children

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When you are a new parent, it is one of the most magical times of your life. Having welcomed a new life into your family and the world, you are then tasked with teaching and nurturing them to become wonderful, well-rounded adults.

There are lots of things you can do to make sure you never forget this time, such as taking photos, but you will also want your child to be able to look back on the early days of their life. A great way of doing this is to create a unique time capsule that your little ones can open when they are all grown up and ready to start families of their own, perhaps.

In this guide below, you will learn how to create a perfect keepsake for your children and exactly what to put in it to give them feelings of nostalgia and memories they can look back on with glee and wonder.

Writing letters to the future

To begin with, one of the best ways of capturing your child’s young life is by writing letters to your kids in the future. This is something gaining popularity with parents, and the results are heart-warming. Start by writing a letter on a regular basis, perhaps once every month or week, depending on how busy your schedule is, and seal each one in a plastic bag before collecting them all in the capsule so that you can be sure they are protected and preserved. In the letters, try and include anecdotes about things that have happened recently because, when you all look back on them, you will discover lots of little memories you have perhaps forgotten about over time.

Perfect pictures

Of course, another essential way of documenting your young child’s life is through photos, which is easier than ever with your smartphone. Printing off hard copies of photos, sealing them with the letters and putting the date on the back, you will be able to put visuals to all the wonderful memories you have written about. A great way of doing this is to print Polaroids online with a website such as Super Snaps. Printing Polaroids is a great idea because their smaller size means you can fit more into the capsule and give your child even more to look back on when they are grown up.

Little trinkets

To make the capsule more interesting, it is good to get some extra ideas of what to include, as the sky is truly the limit with what you want to do with this! A great idea is to collect together some of the pictures and models your own child makes and wrap them up in the capsule to keep them safe and sound.

Looking back on your childhood is a wonderful thing. Gifting your child a time capsule full of all the wonderful memories you make as a family will be something they will be able to treasure well into their adult lives. So, now you know what to include, why not start today?

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