7 Ways to Handle a Breakup as a Parent

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Breaking ups can be hard to handle, especially with your partner. It can be challenging and highly emotional when you have children. You may be dealing with your own emotions and worry about making the separation or divorce easier for your children. Communication is important during this time, especially since you both are connected through the kids still.

Check out these 7 strategies to use when handling a breakup as a parent.

1. Set talking terms

It can be hard to speak to your partner who you have broken up with. Sometimes it can be very painful, especially if it is face to face. Instead, use emails, texting or phone calls.

2. Stick to the rules

It’s important to set ground rules between you two. Some of these can be not bringing up past incidents, no cursing, and no threatening.

3. Organize yourself

Before picking up the phone and speaking to the other parent, make sur you organize your thoughts. write down topics that you need to discuss. Check off each of the items as you address it when on the phone.

4. The kids come first

The welfare of your children should be one of your top priorities. To avoid placing them in the middle of the situation remember your kids are also involved in this too. When you are feeling in doubt, ask yourself: “What’s best for them?”

5. Use your words carefully

Choosing your words carefully needs to be important. Replace phrases with “always” or “never” with “I feel” or “maybe we should consider this.”

6. Listen

Instead of reacting to something the other parent does or says, reflect. Consider the situation and say, “Let me think about that” or “I will get back to you.”

7. Forgive

This might be one of the hardest things to do, but it’s a part of coming to terms with the situation and healing. Let go of old wrongdoings and accept an apology. Be strong enough to even offer your own apology too if necessary.

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