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Diapers stink. Bad. And any room that you throw dirty diapers away in, will smell like, well, dirty diapers. Normal trash cans, even the ones with lids, just won’t cut it. Trust me. The lighter pre-solids smell might lull you into a sense of false confidence, but once those solid food poops hit… forget it. Attempts to mask these odors are hit and miss. Fortunately, Vliba Products has introduced a new and innovative solution to the problem of managing dirty diapers. The sleek and efficient Vliba diaper pail provides you with a stylish, reliable and cost-effective solution for both disposable and cloth diapers. The Vliba diaper pail is available in six attractive colors to complement, not overpower, any nursery décor; white, baby blue, baby pink, red, black and grey. A 6 months’ supply of their lightly scented, robust diaper pail refill bags, that accommodate 1,125 newborn diapers, comes free with every diaper pail purchase. Additionally, included is a sample pack of their strong and sturdy individual diaper disposal sacks that can be conveniently used for diaper changes anywhere the need arises (and trust me, it will arise anywhere!). These easy dispense packages are ideal for the car, diaper bag, stroller, and backpack. So when you purchase the Vliba diaper pail system, you are set for months.

Vliba provides effective diaper disposal and odor control. No spill, no smell, no mess – and no high cost of use over time. In addition to a sleek and modern design, the Vliba diaper pail has many features to combine ease of use and control of contents. Vliba has two seals with both an inner and an outer lid to control odors and discreetly conceal waste. Diapers are quickly and easily dropped through the inner lid, limiting odor. The soft close lid is hands-free, foot pedal operated and locks in an upright position when in use and gently and quietly closes when done. Diapers stay in and toddler’s hands stay out (you won’t know how important this feature is until you don’t have it)! The large front access door makes the blade free changing of their perfectly fitting disposal bag fast and easy. And while many diaper pails require costly rings and tubes that can cost hundreds of dollars over a few short years, a one-year supply of their durable, lightly scented Vliba refill bags is currently priced at under $ 20. Each durable disposal bag has a capacity of 45 newborn diapers and accommodates cloth and disposable diapers of all sizes. The Vliba diaper disposal system has a total cost of use which is half that of leading competitors. Vliba is a stylish and effective answer for an everyday need.

So whether you are making your baby registry right now, or wishing you had known about this product when you did, this is a must-have. Dirty diapers happen but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them. Take the first step now to a fresh smelling home.

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WIN: 24/7 Moms and Vliba are giving away one Vliba Diaper Disposal System!

Including the Vliba Diaper Pail in the color of your choice, a sample pack of their single diaper disposal sacks and an up to 6 months supply of their lightly scented Refill Bags.

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  1. Just purchased. I can’t get the door to open wide. I’m afraid to force it open all the way as something might break. Is this normal for the door to seem difficult to open the first time. Shall i force it to open wide??

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