WIN – Kingdomino with Special Tower Board Game ~ Back to School Extravaganza

An Instant Family Favorite! Players take on the role of Lords seeking new lands to expand their kingdom. As with ‘Dominoes’, these new lands must match the landscape tiles they touch when played. You need to create large areas of the same landscape type. But these will only score points if they include crowns. Points for each landscape are calculated at the end of the game by multiplying the size of the landscape (number of squares) by the number of crowns they include. The tile selection directs the order of play for the following round, so taking a good tile now could possibly mean you will pick later next time, with less choices. Each round presents the players with new important decisions to make, as to which tile they should take.

Material: Cardboard, Wood, magnet
Type of Game: Family games
Playing Time: 20-40 minutes
Includes: Game pieces
Level of Difficulty: Easy
Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up

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