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Code is the language of the future. Programming is becoming a bigger and bigger part of the world we live in and will be an even bigger part of our children’s world. We want to give our kids every advantage we can, right? But a lot of parents are concerned about their kids spending too much time in front of screens at an early age. If only there was a way to teach them programming principles without having screen-time. And wouldn’t it be great if that way was also entertaining, so your kids would WANT to learn? Well, there is and it is. Meet MYnd Kraft, a new card game for the young, the old and every MYnd in between.

MYnd Kraft is a card game inspired by basic programming concepts. In fact, it’s the programming version UNO, Scrabble and Poker all mashed together in one quirky card game! The game is simple to understand, easy to play and offers 7 MYnd blowing games that could be played with 1 deck of cards. Some of the games are simple and suitable for ages 7+ while the others are more strategic and suitable for ages 11+. There’s even a game that’s played in teams. With 7 games, there truly is something for every MYnd out there!

MYnd Kraft is a fun and exciting game for both family fun time and game time with friends. With 7 different games, MYnd Kraft provides variety and plenty of choices. Also, as the 7 games are of varying levels of difficulty, there are games for children of all ages and as children get older, there are more advanced, challenging games, which keep it interesting for them. It’s also the ideal game to take on family holidays because you only need to pack one deck of cards and you can play 7 different games – super convenient. Another key feature is that the cards are text free with only numbers and symbols on them, making it easy for younger children to play the game.

In addition to the game being a source of entertainment, it’s also a great teaching tool as it helps introduce the basics of programming in an unplugged, interactive manner. It makes learning programming/coding fun and exciting. For those using the game as a tool to introduce the basics of programming to children, there’s a 4 page Guide to Programming Concepts Introduced in the Game available on the MYnd Kraft website ( This could be downloaded and used as a teaching aid. This document is primarily for educators and those with a basic level of programming knowledge. Basically, MYnd Kraft is a great STEM tool as it not only teaches the basics of programming but also other soft skills such as logical and strategic thinking, problem-solving etc. The game’s great for the classroom too!

Just today my husband and I were talking with a friend about the importance of coding and how we’ve all been surprised at how important it’s been for our generation. Our current need to use coding is minimal compared to the importance it will have in our children’s generation. I love the concept of this game and that it focuses on the principles and way of thinking about coding without having to give my child extra screen time. This game has the potential to give kids a great foundation without the negative effects of extra computer time.

The game just launched on Kickstarter TODAY the 27th of August. They are offing a great deal for those who pre-order the game, for the first 48 hours after launch (i.e. 27 – 29 August), the game is being offered at an EARLY BIRD discount of CHF17 (approx. US$ 17). So now’s your moment to get a great deal!
The game will also be offered at a special KICKSTARTER RATE throughout the duration of the Kickstarter campaign which will last 30 days for CHF19 (approx. US$19).

So check it out now and be sure to get that early bird discount and enjoy teaching your kids programming in a fun family-friendly game.

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Click here for MYnd Kraft’s Website.

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Disclaimer: I have teamed up with MYnd Kraft in support of this campaign. We received compensation for participation in this campaign. However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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