How to Further Your Career Without Spending Too Much Time away from the Kids

Furthering your career may seem like a hard task. After all, you can’t put in all of those hours of overtime because you have kids to look after and you may not be able to work weekends either. This can make you feel very limited but this should never be the case at all, in fact, it is super easy for you to make the most out of the job that you have and even your progression potential without having to work endlessly.

Get Involved with Work Events

If you have a work event one night then don’t be afraid to go to it. You may be able to meet other people who can help you with your career, or you may even be able to arrange your own as well. It isn’t hard for you to offer yourself up as a speaker and you may even be able to go to meetups as well. This won’t take a lot of time out of your schedule but it could work wonders for your own career potential. On top of this, it helps you to show off your own expertise as well and nothing can compare to this.

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Start a Blog

Blogging is great if you want to increase your visibility and it can also help you to build a body of knowledge that you never thought possible. Blogging can also help you to grow, and it doesn’t matter whether you write every day or every week because the more you do this the more visibility you can get. You may also be able to experiment with ideas and topics and this is a fantastic way for you to grow your own career prospects. You can also explore different options without having to commit to a career change as well and nothing can quite compare to this.


Volunteering is another fantastic way for you to further your own career prospects. It doesn’t matter whether you volunteer for a non-profit or whether you try and connect with other like-minded people because it is quite possibly the best thing that you can do for your career. It can even lead to other opportunities that you would otherwise not know about as well and nothing can quite compare to this. Of course, when you do volunteer you might even want to get the kids involved as well because this is a great way for you to really include them and they may even learn something in the process.

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Go Back to College

Believe it or not, you don’t need to leave the kids in order to go to college. It is more than possible for you to take a triple accredited online MBA program online and when you do this, you will soon see how much you could accomplish. You can take any online course you want and when you do make the decision to do this, you will soon see that you can do it all from home and you can even do it during your spare time if you want as well.

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