8 Fun Ways to Raise a Global Child

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The world is a big place filled with fascinating places and people. Teaching your children to appreciate other cultures isn’t just a kind of thing to do. Your child learning about other countries and the people’s culture can help them gain a wider worldview perspective and prepare them for their future.

1. Talk about it

Talk about the world and all the different countries and people there are. Maybe you have a dream to travel the world. Share your dream with them and your passion about current global events even.

2. Find celebrations

There are plenty of ethnic celebrations that will welcome the general public to participate in the festivities. Take a chance to see the arts and crafts. Listen to the folktales, music, and language. It’s a great experience for the whole family!

3. Share your history

One way for your children to learn more about cultures and the world is talking about your family’s own background. Share the history of your family’s journey to the United States or wherever you may be from. Help the children connect to the concept of a larger world community by talking about where your family is originally from.

4. Listen to the music

Make a playlist that includes music from around the world. Watch international pop music on YouTube with your kids. They can become accustomed to the musical diversity and learn some new various sounds that might feel ‘foreign’ to them at first.

5. Play some football

Pick a football team, or as we call it in America—soccer, that is based on your heritage, your child’s friend’s heritage, or the language you wish to speak. You can learn about the teams and the member countries.

6. Get a map

Put up a world on a wall within your home. You might even mount up the map on a corkboard and put different colored pushpins in the countries where family and friends have visited or living. Your child can learn where their family and friends live or have visited.

7. Check out the books

Books are filled with great amount of information on the world. Younger children can check out picture books too!

8. Celebrate with the world

Celebrate global festivities with Cinco de Mayo, Earth Day, Chinese New Year, the World Cup, Olympic Games, and more.

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