6 Easy Housekeeping Hacks for Parents

Tips and hacks can make life a just a little easier. There are endless amounts of quick hacks that can help save us time and even expenses. Any parent loves a good tip or hack that will help them out in the long run, especially where we can spend more time with the ones we love.

Check out these quick and inexpensive life-changing hacks for your household!

Shoe Divider Racks

Use wooden plate divider racks to keep baby’s itty-bitty shoes organized. These perfectly fit within drawers or closet shelves.

Pop-Up Toy Hamper

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Purchase inexpensive pop-up hampers to store toys in. This is perfect when you are travelling and need a place to pack the toys. The luggage just won’t do anymore! When the hamper isn’t being used, it folds up nicely and fits nicely in the suitcase until it’s time to go on the road again!

Puzzle Piece Bags

Keep your children’s puzzles organized with a mesh lingerie laundry bag. This will help ensure you don’t lose the puzzle pieces from getting lost! Another great hack for travelling too.

Display Books on  a Wired Rack

Organize your children’s books on a wired rack. This is especially helpful if your child has a never-ending collection of books that keeps growing.

You can even purchase a closet wire rack to do the trick. Flip and hang the wire rack upside down and you have yourself a creative book rack!

Shoelace Size Guide

Finding the perfect size for your baby and toddler can be hard. Shoe sizes from retailer to retailer just seems so inconsistent! One way to solve this problem is to use a tied shoelace as a length guide to help pick the correct shoe size out.

Take a shoelace and measure it against a pair of shoes that currently fit your baby or toddler. Then tie two knots, one at the heel and one at the toe.

Travel First Aid Kits

A first aid kit is necessary in any home but also in your own car when you are on the road. You can easily put together your very own DIY first aid kit. Check out how to DIY First Aid Kit for the Road!

What are some parenting hacks or tips that have helped you? Share below with us in the comments!

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