5 Ways to Improve Your Marriage

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When you first fall for your partner, it can be exciting time. There are thrilling adventures you share together and may even have different personalities that you love about each other. You might love the way your spouse marched to their own drum and how spontaneous and hilarious they might be.

Years later into your marriage there might be things what attracted to your partner that now annoys you. You might not love his spontaneous actions or him marching to his own drum. However, it’s natural for us to first fall in love with looking for the good in our partners and relationships. Years after the love can fade and often we have to reignite the emotions we first felt and what we appreciate about our spouse. When we take the steps to do this, we start to feel better about our marriages and something amazing happens.

It’s important to remember in life and in love, we can settle on perspectives that can be negative or positive. We can collect evidence to support whatever perspective we have of someone. If you decide your husband is lazy and immature, then you will find proof that he is. Switch your perspective to focus on the little things and notice the things he does to contribute to the family and life you are both living.

Check out these 5 ways to improve your marriage.

1. Take a positive perspective

Notice one thing about your partner that is great. It can be a day that they support you, your family, or in your household. Try to repeat this every day for a month. You’ll be surprised to see just how your perspective will change from the first day to the last day that you do this.

You can take it a step further to help you see a more positive side. Write down your thoughts about what you are feeling. Do this when you are feeling frustrated and how you can overcome this frustration.

2. Appreciate your partner

Sometimes it can be hard to appreciate someone, especially expressing it. It can even be hard when you are not on the receiving end of his positive feedback. However, it’s an important part of getting your marriage to a better place.

3. Imagine the marriage you want

Writing down the marriage you want to help you visualize it. Write down adjectives that come to mind. Some words can be loving, patient, and intimate. This can help you understand what marriage you are trying to strive for and are more likely to embody it or work towards it.

4. Cuddle more

Touching more releases, a hormone called oxytocin, which is often called the “cuddle” hormone, and makes us feel more attached to our partners. One way to do this is to be intimate with each other.

5. Forget the perfect marriage

You will need to realize your marriage doesn’t need to be flawless. There are just somethings you just cannot change. Put in the effort to remember the positive feelings you once shared with each other. remind yourself why you fell for each other in the first place.

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