5 Ways to Improve Your Finances


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We are all busy and we all got things to do. However, the longer we put something off the more we will continue to put it off. Those things we longer put off can sometimes be the ones that can help our lives be a little easier. One of the most important things we put off can be our finances. If you have been struggling a bit to organize your finances, then consider attending one of these financial seminars

You can easily tackle your finances by setting a few minutes aside every day try it now. These tasks can help lead to better financial outcomes for you. Just spare 10 minutes a day doing one of these 5 things to improve your finances.

1. Set up the money jar

Stop spending those $5.00 bills. Store all of those dollars you receive as change and let them accumulate in a money jar. You will be surprised to see just after a few months or a year how much extra dollars you could save. You can even do this with spare change or whatever sum of money you desire to do.

Pull out a jar or another container and get started! You can even paste a photo or write your dream goal on the jar to remind you for what you are saving for.

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2. Clean out your wallet

Spend a few minutes cleaning out your wallet. You’ll be surprised by the spare change you might find tucked away in there!

3. Set your monthly personal goal

Tackling any financial goals, you have might feel daunting, but they are achievable! Try breaking up your financial goals by month. One month you might focus on saving up for a vacation or an item you and/or your family have been wanting. Maybe even towards debt you are wanting to get rid of.

Decide now what your goal will be next month. Make sure you write it down on a post-it or somewhere where you will consistently see it.

4. Keep yourself motivated

If you are one of those people that has a hard time sticking to their goals (or even financial budget), you just might need more of an incentive. One way to help you achieve your goals is to set up a small reward for yourself when you complete these goals. For instance, you might buy yourself your favorite treat or small item after reaching your monthly budget goal. Make sure the reward isn’t expensive!

Taking a few minutes to choose your prize you give yourself can be exciting. You don’t have to make it the same treat each time—try new things! You can even make it a new fun tradition rather than an excuse to spend at will.

5. Mind your time

Time is more valuable than money, as they always say. Therefore, make sure you pull out your calendar and see how you’ve been spending your time. Write down the top five things you wish you had more time for and the top five things you wish to spend less time doing. Shift your priorities wherever you can and pin these tow lists where you will see them to not forget what really matters. Maybe some of these top five things can be getting coupons for going to the grocery store or doing less expensive activities with your family.

What are some ways you save money or tips that have helped improve your finances?

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