5 Proven Ways to Raise Your Confidence while in a Bikini

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We live in a society where women are expected to embody a specific kind of aesthetic. When it’s summertime, you’re expected to expose your body in a bikini and strut your stuff.

However, a lot of women tend to not feel so confident, and they end up missing out on an awesome summer.

If you fall into this category, then the following can help you out:

Understand that being “bikini ready” is nothing but a myth

When it comes to having a “bikini body”, the only things that are necessary are a bikini and a body. That’s it. There is no kind of body that deserves to be in a bikini more than any other.

Whenever you get bombarded with different articles and pieces that detail the perfect meal schedule and workout regimen that you will need to get that bikini body in little to no time, just know that although it will be awesome if you can actually eat healthy and get a little more active, there is no time that you won’t be able to rock a killer swimsuit. Your body is awesome as it is, and it does a lot for you right now. No matter what it looks like, your body deserves to be flattered, flaunted and shown off. You don’t need a yoga retreat, a week-long juice cleanse, or some complex kind of workout plan for you to fall in love with the body that you’ve got right now.

You can get some help from de-bloating

Sometimes, the only reason why you might feel uncomfortable in a bikini isn’t even an issue with your confidence in how you look. Instated, it might be because you have a bloated mid-section. A bloated mid-section is usually unnoticeable, but it is also capable of making you feel uncomfortable and puffy (definitely not the best for your confidence).

If you will like to erase any bloating, then make sure to drink enough water, eat less per time, and keep away from foods that have high fats and salt content.

When it comes to bikinis, nothing matters more than your comfort

To borrow a quote from Nicki Minaj, you do have a bow on your panties because your ass is present.

To wit, if you will like to wear a thong bikini bottom, feel free to ignore any “How you can dress for your body type” article that tells you not to. You’ll find that at the end of the day, most of these tips don’t work.

If you don’t want to, there is no need for you to conceal, accentuate or draw any attention to any part of your body (this isn’t to say that you can’t do so if you want, though). The truth is that at the end of the day, all that matters is getting a bikini that you look- and feel- comfortable in. Focus on what raises your confidence, and you’re ready to kill the beach. Pick out colors and styles that appeal to you and don’t be shy to spend money on something that you know you should put on.

A little primping won’t hurt you

When it comes to this particular tip, you need to be a tad careful. Note the “a little” in the heading.

A bold cat eye and the beach are not the perfect combination. However, this doesn’t mean that you aren’t allowed to glam yourself up a bit. You don’t have to pile on the foundation, but you can just as well take out some time to exfoliate, perform a mint face mask, or moisturize effectively. At the very least, these will make you feel clean.

Accessorize, but like a professional

Accessorizing can actually help accentuate your entire look.

Whenever you have any doubts, just let the fashion girl in you find expression. There are times when you confidence can be boosted by overdressing a little, so feel free to pull out all the tops; put a silk kimono to cover up your body, get a few necklaces, etc. Also, if you’re not the kind of girl to dress up too much, just take along accessories that are cute on you. You can get the some confidence from a simple beach towel, a tote bag, or even pool floats.

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