5 Must-Have Products to Make Pregnancy Easier

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While pregnancy is an amazing time in a person’s life, it is often not without its challenging moments. Unfortunately, you can experience morning sickness, fatigue and high blood pressure, which might make you long for your son or daughter to arrive in the world.

Thankfully, there are ways to minimize your discomfort to simply enjoy the experience from start to finish. Here are the five must-have products to make pregnancy easier.

1. A Pregnancy Pillow

It might be difficult to get comfortable as your pregnancy progresses, as your belly will become bigger over time or you might experience back or pelvic pain. If you’re constantly propping yourself up with cushions and still can’t get comfy, consider buying a pregnancy pillow. The long, curved pillow can provide your body with more support and flexibility, so you can finally enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

2. An Effective Belly Butter

It can be disheartening to look in the mirror to find bright red or white stretch marks staring back at you. While it’s impossible to prevent stretch marks completely during pregnancy, you can reduce your chances of developing the unwanted stripes by keeping your skin hydrated as much as possible.

For example, you could apply Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter, which is made from 99% natural ingredients and is fragrance-free. Regularly apply this onto your belly to minimize stretch marks.

3. A Baby Heartbeat Monitor

Between the morning sickness and constant fatigue, you might want your pregnancy experience to be over as soon as possible. It is, however, important to regularly remind yourself that this is a very special time in your life.

Whenever pregnancy is taking its toll on your happiness, pulling out a baby heartbeat monitor will make you realize all the tiredness, nausea and sleepless nights are worth it. There’s nothing like hearing the sound of your child’s heartbeat or movements in the womb to put everything into perspective. It even comes with two sets of earbuds, so there’s one for mom and one for dad. Learn more about a fetal heartbeat monitor.

4. Slip-On Shoes

Comfort is key during pregnancy, and you’ll love few things more than a pair of comfortable, stretchy slip-on shoes as your baby starts to grow. It’s common for an expectant mother’s feet to swell during pregnancy, which can make tying your shoelaces almost impossible. So, pick up a few pairs of cute and comfortable shoes, which can make your life easier for the next nine months.

5. Button-Pant Extenders

Bloating can strike after a meal during early pregnancy, and you might not have much room left in your jeans to breathe. If you want to eat without worrying about breaking free from your clothing, you should stock up on button pant extenders. This will provide you with more room in your clothing during the first few months of pregnancy, so it can be a natural transition between everyday garments to maternity clothing. It’s one item you won’t regret buying during your first trimester.

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